Mephit's Table, one of the Seven Wonders

The Seven Wonders are ancient structures in Unlimited Saga. They serve as dungeons only avaible late in the game. They also have a significance in the storyline and each of the seven main characters' shall end his/her storyline inside one of the Wonders. (Due to the nature of Ruby's quest, she has to complete all 7 of the Wonders, ending with The Hanging Garden).


Just as the story of Alexander the Great is connected to the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Iskandar is connected to the Seven Wonders in Unlimited Saga. The legendary hero seems to know their true purpose and appears in the world and accompanies heroes to accomplish great tasks.

The Seven Wonders themselves were constructed during the Golden Age by Arcanians. Some say that once the power of the Seven Wonders becomes unleashed, the Gods shall return to the world.

Backstory from the Game Guide

The Seven Wonders are the establishments for the experiments the Arcanians did with the Chaos.
The influence of the Chaos was worldwide, caused violent weather and brought forth a lot of creatures that were not seen before that, such as the undead, dragons and also human. In this sense, monster and human are equal.

As the Creator was deeply concerned that the whole world might be swallowed by the Chaos, decided to terminate the most civilized region that was a frontier of studying Crystal.
The world was devastated, the rugged mountains and deserts appeared on the surface of this planet.
The act of destruction also degutted the Creator.
He disappeared from this world, then came "the age without God".

The Wonders

Each of the Seven Wonders is located in a different part of the world, has a different main character associated with it, a different colored Tetra Force and villain.

Name Hero Villain Tetra Force Location Sidequest
Avalon / Flying Island Armic Yun Crimsonrain Teal Vaftom O
Deities' Table Judy Clyde Blackstorm Green Solophero O
Nakle Lines Laura Dagul Bos / Basil Galeos Blue Wanda X
Starship Anchor Kurt Leon Burgundy / Arcanian Mech Yellow Chapa O
The Hanging Garden Ruby Jeanne Maure Pink Escata O
Two Moons Temple Ventus Kalandorn Alovi Violet Kimbali O
Undercity Pharos Mythe Knights of the Round Table Red Iskandaria O

Difficulty level


Nakle Lines, one of the Seven Wonders

Each of the Seven Wonder features different riddles and mechanisms as well as unique enemies and bosses, although some of these factors depend on whenever the quest is part of the character's storyline or is a mere subquest.

Players argue which of the Seven Wonders is the easiest (usually cited as being Two Moons Temple), however most players agree that the Nakle Lines are the hardest of them all, due to the time consuming riddles of the lines, which (especially the line of the Giant) can be challenging first time playing through. Added to this the enemies along the way with high LP protection and power to deplete the player's LP fast as well as the last boss, Tagut, which is extremly powerful.

However, the Seven Wonder's as side-quests come with large turn limits (usually 1200), which helps in finding treasures, defusing traps and fighting monsters for better panels.

Tetra Force

While playing a character's final quest, near the last room in each of the Seven Wonders is a device called the Tetra Force. The Tetra Force is a coloured pyramid that allows players to save the game, restore HP and LP and modify each characters' Growth Panel.

However, in order to use the Tetra Force again (should you wish to explore, fight more monsters or search for treasure after using it) your LP must be low. You can, theoretically, use the Tetra Force an infinite number of times so long as your characters' LPs are low each time you access it.

(If the Wonder is accessed as a side-quest then there will not be a Tetra Force present).

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