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Portrait RoSaMinDarque.png
Gender Female
Race Human/Undead
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Class Wizard
Appearances Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song
Emperors SaGa
Imperial SaGa
"Was my undying love for Mirsa such a crime? Listen cruel gods! You cannot stop me from loving him!"

Aldora (アルドラ Arudora?) is a sorceress and a recruitable character in the game Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song. She can be unlocked by unlocking Darque and fulfilling certain requirements. She is only playable in the body of Darque as she is possessing his body. She was born in the Knights Dominion a century prior to the game's storyline.

Darque is unlocked if you fulfill the requirements of Clearing the Assassins Guild quest, defeating Scorn (Moonstone quest, Melvir Invasion or the Unlucky Woman), and meeting Death all in the same playthrough.



Prior to her death, Aldora had long red hair tied into a ponytail. She wore an outfit that exposed her midriff. She wore black sandals.

After being revived into Darque's body, she possesses the appearance of Darque. She had commented on his appearance, stating it was ugly.


While previously alive, Aldora was tenacious and stubborn. She was always willing to help Mirsa and her intense love for him drove her to great leaps and bounds.

The newly revived Aldora expresses a wistful tone. She harbors an intense longing for Mirsa that surpasses her death and gives her the drive to carry on.


Aldora and Mirsa in the past.

Prior to the events of the game, Aldora was previously known as a Warrior Maiden. Aldora had a difficult childhood and was not able to easily make friends. In spite of her hardships, Mirsa treated her with kindness. Aldora tried to do all she could to help Mirsa, eventually discovering she had a talent for magic. Unfortunately, she had discovered her talent too late as she was beyond the age for proper training in the magical arts. Even though she had magical ability, she still managed to be a hindrance to Mirsa much to the chagrin of their group. However, Mirsa still treated her with kindness.

Aldora discovers her talent for magic.

On the eve of Mirsa's final confrontation with Saruin, he urged Aldora to stay back with Baron Eugen. Aldora pleaded to go with him while Baron Eugen was irritated that Mirsa likened him to Aldora. Aldora kept pleading with Mirsa to go with him but the others said she would prove a hindrance to their efforts. While Baron Eugen stayed behind and heeded Mirsa's request, Aldora could not find it in herself to stay. She followed Mirsa's group and was spotted each time, being told by Mirsa to turn back and then following him again the moment she turned back.

Mirsa and Aldora's last meeting.

Suddenly, Mirsa's group was attacked by Saruin's forces and a fierce battle ensued. One of the members of Mirsa's group suggested that Aldora should guard the rear. Mirsa was heavily against this decision as he knew what fate would befall her if she did. It was suggested that Mirsa needed to defeat Saruin and that they needed her help. It was then that Mirsa relented, regretfully. Aldora was glad to finally be of use to Mirsa, while the latter reluctantly gave her his last gift. After Mirsa had departed, he and Aldora never saw each other again. Aldora fought valiantly for Mirsa so that he could win the final battle with Saruin. However, her life was soon cut short.

Following her death, Aldora was imprisoned in Purgatory for what she states as eternity but then later reiterates it 1000 years. She had been imprisoned because of her intense feelings for Mirsa. All souls were supposed to be cleansed of their memories before moving on, however she had clung onto hers. Her failure to relinquish her memories imprisoned her in Purgatory. She was imprisoned for so long that she had lost all sense of the passage of time.

Aldora reveals her circumstances.

In the present day, Aldora was released into Darque's corpse by Death following his failed false death. Interacting with Aldora reveals that she was deeply in love with Mirsa. However, she did not say anything of it as she was afraid it would destroy their friendship. She reveals that she fell during battle and gave her life for her love, not knowing whether or not the mission was a success or a failure. When pressed on what she meant by fell, she questions why she is even still around. Arriving in Purgatory, Aldora laments over her current situation, stating that the Gods are cruel for giving her an ugly vessel. She proclaims that she'll always love Mirsa and runs off.

Aldora disappearing into the sky.

Upon being given the Wizard's Ring, she recalls that it was the last gift Mirsa had bestowed upon her and joins the party in defeating Saruin. Following Saruin's defeat, Aldora finds herself walking alone in an endless darkness. A light springs up from behind her and she smiles as she leaves Darque's body and vanishes into the sky. It is presumed that Mirsa came back for her.


"Oh Mirsa, sustain me in battle!"
—Aldora while fighting Saruin

In order to inherit the Assassin's Guild, Darque performs a technique of false death by consuming a poison. In truth, he was going to take a poison he had resistance to, but Scorn switched the poison he was going to use and he died as a result. In the Netherworld, Scorn asks Death to aid Saruin, so Death releases a powerful sorceress from Purgatory unto Darque's corpse for Scorn to use as a puppet to further their plans for Saruin's revival. However Darque was able to miraculously return to life and the combined souls in one body cause him to have amnesia due to the conflicting personalities. As you raise stats, DEX for Darque, and INT for Aldora, their memories will slowly return.

If Darque is the dominant personality (50 DEX), he will run off to the assassin's guild and will offer to join you, when he does, he will give you his specialized sword also. (Scimitar)

If Aldora is the dominant personality (40 INT), you will be able go to Purgatory, there you find the Wizard's ring after reaching the 1,000th floor. She will then run off, when you find her again, give her the ring and she will join.

In the end cutscene if she is the dominant personality, Aldora will finally be able to pass on and you will see her in her true body, and unlike some rumors state, this is the only time you get to see her in this form.

Other appearances

Emperors SaGa

Aldora appears as an obtainable character.

Imperial SaGa

Aldora appears as an obtainable character.



Unique cutscenes for: Aldora, Darque.


  • Darque/Aldora did not appear in the original Super Famicom version of Romancing SaGa. He/She is exclusive to the PS2 remake, making him/her one of the newer characters to appear.
  • In the Ultimania, both Darque and Aldora's personalities are awakened in Darque. After the battle with Saruin, Darque claims that he abandoned his assassin life and he said he is an free adventurer.


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