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Japanese name ゴージュ・ベルモット
Romaji Gōjyu Berumotto (Gauge-Vermouth)
Voice actor(s)
Endō Moriya
Voice actor(s)
Vic Mignogna
Joins Judy, Kurt
Gender Male
Age 21
Unlimited Saga Character

Armand is a playable character from Unlimited Saga. He's the arrogant leader of a gang of thieves.

Scenario Appearances


His father forces him to help Judy after the kidnapping. In Kurt's scenario he's saved by him and just sticks around.


Strength and Skill at 5 and high LP, makes Armand perfect for tanking physical damage (despite his poor HP recovery). Axe and/or Melee Arts will result in the maximum amount of damage possible, but this will need to be reflected in his Growth Panel, which requires some work. However, Melee panels are easy to come by, so setting up a central Line bonus shouldn't be too much hassle. Armand also has a good Fire element, but it seems a waste favouring it over his incredible physical potential.

Initial Growth Panel


Initial equipment

Weapon -----
Weapon -----
Accessory -----
Accessory -----
Headgear -----
Body Cloth Armour: Velvet, 12 DEF
Leggings Boots: Croc Skin, 3 DEF

Making parameters

Strength 5 Fire 4
Skill 5 Earth 2
Spirit 3 Metal 1
Magic 1 Water 1
Endurance 1 Wood 2

Initial parameters

Strength 9 Fire 8
Skill 7 Earth 10
Spirit 12 Metal 6
Magic 1 Water 6
Endurance 1 Wood 17
Hit Points 98 Weight 70 kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery E
Life Points 21

Battle Quotes

  • First battle (Judy's scenario): "Why do I have to help this kid?"
  • First Battle (Kurt's Scenario): "Just leave this to my wonderful self!"
  • New enemy: "Treating your acquaintances like this?! You need an attitude adjustment!"
  • Easy victory: "Your almost good enough to be my back-up!"
  • Death (Judy): "Poor kid..."
  • Spring trap: ???
  • Evade trap: "You call that a trap? Pfft."
  • Hurt by trap: ???
  • Skill attempt: "Watch how it's done."
  • Skill failure: "I'll get it next time."
  • Skill success: "I've got skill!"
  • Final Battle (Kurt): "Beat this one, and I'm a hero! Hmph."

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  • Armand is the only character to show signs of sea-sickness, which can be witnessed during the boat voyage in Judy's scenario.