Unlimited Saga character
アーミック (Āmikku?)
US Armic
Gender Male
Race Chapa
Age ?
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances Unlimited Saga
Imperial SaGa
"His village plagued by drought, he is chosen to find the items needed for a rainmaking ritual. He is probably the most easygoing out of all the Chapas, and that's saying something."

Armic (アーミック Āmikku?) is one of the main protagonists of Unlimited Saga. He is the only main character who isn't human. He lives in Chapa with the rest of the Chapa Tribe. He is mated to a Chapa named Chiera and has many children, two of which are named Orabel and Venikka. He is voiced in Japanese by Koyasu Takehito and in English by Tiffany Grant. He joins in his route and Laura's route.





When Chapa suffers from drought, four members of the tribe are sent out to gather ingredients for the Rain Ceremony which was once taught to the tribe by Iskandar after the Chapas showed him hospitality even in their own time of need. Armic is chosen along with Qalesin, Spry, and Merito to travel the world looking for the ingredients on the lists given to them.

When looking for clues about the magic tablet passed down from Iskandar, Armic meets Norff, who promises to show the tablet to his magic teacher, Yun Crimsonrain, after Armic helps him gather herbs at Healer's Hills.

Armic and Norff take the Rain Ceremony tablet to Yun in Loch Vaan, lending it to him to decipher while Armic looks for the ingredients on his list. Norff gets permission from Yun to travel with Armic as part of his magic training. Yun quickly realizes that there four or five ingredients for the ceremony detailed in the tablet that are not a part of Armic's normal list, but he needs time to decipher their names and locations.

The player can have Armic choose the order of the items Yun deciphers by choosing one of the five elements, which will also determine which allies Armic meets to join him on his quest. Yun will only decipher each location from the tablet after Armic has collected more ingredients from his list, with the final one only being deciphered after Armic has gathered all of the required ingredients.

While there are five possible elements to choose from, only four of them lead to the items needed for the Ceremony, and the fourth one's location will be replaced by Armic's final adventure, so he cannot recruit all four possible allies in a single playthrough.

The item for Wood is Jupiter's Anvil, located in the Jade Forest, where Armic meets Pharr. Pharr is looking for the keeper of the forest, and offers to join Armic since the forest is dangerous and there is strength in numbers, thinking he is simply here to gather herbs. Armic and Pharr find the keeper of the forest, Jumbo Moch, in the Forest's Eye. Upon fighting and defeating him, they find he was indeed keeping Jupiter's Anvil.

The item for Earth is Behemoth's Chain, located in the Cavern of Murals. Upon arriving, Armic finds Kong Ming pondering a confusing surge in energy happening in the cavern. He teams up with Armic to figure out the source of the confusion. The center of the confusion seems to come from a room with a large mural of a serpent on the ground. Touching the mural, Armic and Kong Ming battle the summoned serpent Ajatar and find Behemoth's Chain.

After finding two items, Armic complains that he is ready to get his quest over with and return home.

The item for Fire is Ares's Flag, located in a volcano. When Armic arrives at the volcano, he meets Rebecca who is looking for a magic tablet of the Great Wizard Leith Torles. They explore the inside of the mine together, and in the back, defeat a Red Elder Dragon who was guarding Ares's Flag.

The item for Metal is Venus's Mirror, located in the mines. Once there, Armic meets Edel who is investigating an increase in monsters in the mines. Armic collects bomber ore from the Chappi working in the cave and uses it to break down a wall leading to a corridor where demon had fortified itself. When Armic and Edel defeat the demon, they also find Venus's Mirror hidden in the mines.

When Armic happens upon Vaftom during his adventures, he visits the Festival of Regina Leone. Ruby tries to interest him in getting his fortune told, but he ignores here and walks around the festival some more. When he tries to view the parade, he is too short standing behind all the humans in front of him to see. He meets Judy, who is also too short because she is a child, but she surprises Armic by summoning a familiar and using it to jump over the crowd. Armic stays through the end of the festival to watch the memorial fires being lit.

While traveling, Armic trades with the other traveling Chapas to try to collect all of the items as a team. When he is nearing the end of his list, Qalesin tells him that Damascus can be forged from steel and mullock, but there is some kind of trick to it. With the help of the other Chapas, Armic is able to find all of the ingredients necessary for the Rainmaking Ceremony, aside from the final of the special items from Iskandar's tablet that Yun is studying.

Yun tells Armic that the final item is located on the Flying Island of Avalon, one of the Seven Wonders. Armic journeys there and finds an elevator cage in the center of the island. Upon riding the elevator, Armic comes to a hidden room beneath the island where he finds the final item he needs. Yun appears and offers to make sure Armic has properly collected all of the required items.

After Armic hands the items over to Yun, he starts to use them to perform Iskandar's Elemental-Control art for himself, but he finds that a Chapa is part of the key to performing the ritual. Armic refuses to cooperate because he needs to use the items and the ritual to perform the Rainmaking Ceremony for his tribe. Angered with his objection, Yun threatens to kill Armic, and plans to kill all of the Chapas and everyone else after he has mastered the ability to control the elements himself.

Armic and the friends he gathered on his quest to find the ingredients work together to defeat Yun. In his enraged state after being defeated, Yun uses the power of Iskandar's magic and the Seven Wonders to summon Chaos.

After defeating Chaos, Armic returns home to his mate Chiera and his many children, who are very happy to receive him safely. With all of the items Armic gathered, the chief of the Chapa Tribe is able to successfully complete the Rainmaking Ceremony, ending the drought, and allowing Armic and the rest of the Chapa Tribe to prosper once again.

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  • Armic's Scenario: Main Character
  • Laura's Scenario: Playable Character, joins during the Water elemental gear quest.


High Endurance and moderate Strength, but low Skill means Armic isn't really suited to damage output, unless you drastically overhaul his Growth Panel. He does, however, come with a high level Swimming panel and Obstacle Crossing, both of which are incredibly useful in exploration.

Initial Growth Panel

Road Guide L1 Bow Arts
Swimming L3
Obstacle Crossing L1

Initial equipment

Weapon Silver Sword: Silver, 35 ATK, 40 DUR
Weapon Longbow: Copse, 14 ATK, 50 DUR
Accessory -----
Accessory -----
Headgear Bandana: Cotton, 1 DEF
Body Cloth Armor: Silk, 6 DEF
Leggings Socks: Cotton, 1 DEF

Making parameters

Strength 3 Fire 0
Skill 2 Earth 1
Spirit 2 Metal 3
Magic 2 Water 4
Endurance 5 Wood 2

Initial parameters

Strength 11 Fire 2
Skill 6 Earth 2
Spirit 9 Metal 6
Magic 5 Water 11
Endurance 17 Wood 8
Hit Points 90 Weight 22 kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery B
Life Points 14

Playable characters

When playing as Armic, you can recruit the following chactaters:

  • Norff - A magician in training. He'll join once Armic talks with him at the Chapa village inn.
  • Nuage - A carrier. Joins when Armic talks to him in the Loch Vaan Inn.
  • Rebecca - Judy's mother. She joins Armic during the Volcano adventure (Fire).
  • Kong Ming - An arrogant priest. He joins Armic during the Cavern adventure (Earth).
  • Edel - A retired outland knight. He joins Armic during the Mine adventure (Metal).
  • Pharr - An older adventurer. She joins Armic during the Jade colored adventure (Wood).
  • Henri - The prince of Escata. Can be found in the Inn at Wanda.
  • Vearst - A very cowardly Escata knight. Can be found at the Zomar inn.


  • First battle (Armic's Scenario) "Huh? You wanna fight me?!"
  • First battle (Laura's Scenario) "Are you sure I'm up for this?"
  • New monster "Ah, and who would.. you be?"
  • Fight won (Personal) "It would be nice if it always went so well."
  • Fight won (someone else) "Wow! Amaazing!"
  • Aquan monster encounter "I'm pretty good at dealing with fish."
  • Death (Self) "Chiera, my love...."
  • Death (someone else) "What do you think you're doing?"
  • Death (someone else) "Please....Stop that!"
  • 5 Hit combo (end- enemy dies) "Well I'll be, even I can do it!"
  • 5 Hit combo (end- enemy lives) "What? Am I doing this right?"
  • Hot area "I'm about to wither away."
  • Final battle (Armic's Scenario) "I don't get it, but something's just not right here."
  • Final battle (Laura's Scenario) "W-What's going on? What is this....?"
  • Spring trap: "Oh, my... What's going on?"
  • Evade trap: "Yes, I dodged it!"
  • Hurt by trap: ???
  • Skill attempt: "Am I to do something?"
  • Skill failure: "Oh, I'm sorry."
  • Skill success: "All right!"

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Other appearances

Imperial SaGa

Armic appeared as an obtainable character.

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game

Armic appears as an obtainable card.



  • Armic's quest is considered the hardest, but not for his final boss battle. It's because of how challenging obtaining all the ingredients can be. Doing so without a guide, or knoweldge of the game's quests and Market Rank, is nearly impossible.
  • Armic has access to the bonus dungeon, which can be obtained from the Chapa Elder if all other quests have been completed and some ingredients are still missing. The dungeon itself resembles the burnt Escata Palace in design.
  • It seems illogical why the Chapa elder choose Armic for the ingredients gathering, but it's even less logical why he's the one sent to help Henri during the Water elemental gear quest in Laura's quest.
  • Armic is also the only main character not able to recruit any other main characters.
  • The Water element on the Rain Ceremony tablet has no function and deciphering it is a waste of time. And it also will cancel out one of the characters you could have recruited from the other element quests.


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