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Baccarat is a city in SaGa Frontier known for its casino district. The party can visit one of the casinos in the game.

Gnome Casino

This is the casino that the party can visit. It is owned by the Gnome. An elevator serves several floors, and provides access to the port to Koorong.

Locations in the Gnome Casino

  • Gaming floors - This is where the casino games are played.
  • Hotel - Where the guests sleep
  • Bar - A bar serving various beverages
  • Parking Garage - Where patrons park their cars. A manhole leads to the Gnome Cave.

Emelia's Quest

Emelia is sent here on a mission to track Joker, dressed in her bunny outfit. She follows Joker, who takes an elevator to the parking garage. She goes into the garage with Annie and Liza and they enter the Gnome Cave. In the Gnomes' Chamber, Joker distracts the Gnomes with gold, allowing him to escape.

Emelia may fight a Gargantuan in the cave, which will change the ending.

Red's Quest

During the Cygnus's stopover here, Red finds BlackX fighters. He uses the elevator to go to the parking garage, transforming into Alkaiser during the ride, and confronts BlackX, defeating them.

Riki's Quest

Riki and Mei-ling travel here to buy a ring from a billionaire who lost his money gambling. They stop him from committing suicide. When the billionaire opens the safe, it turns out a mouse stole the ring. Riki chases the mouse to the top floor, and in the process, crashes the chandelier all the way to the parking garage. Riki tracks the mouse to the Gnome Cave, recovering the ring.

Other Quests

If the player starts the Arcane Quest, the player sees a Gnome if they speak to Emelia, dressed in her bunny outfit. When the player goes to the parking garage, the manhole is uncovered. Emelia offers to join as soon as the player descends into the manhole.

The player must bring at least four Gold Ingots to get the Gold Card from the Gnome.


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