Bafal Empire is a region of Mardias in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.

Once a great nation, which controlled a majority of the counties of the world.

To unlock this part of the world, one has to either take a ship from Oapu, any ship reaching Bruelle, or to reach Loban by crossing Isthmus. However, both Melvir and the rest of Bafal are seperated in a way where unless one recruits Claudia or Gray, unlocking this region will require the player to reach from ends.


  • Melvir - Capital of the Empire, Melvir is a circular city spread over 2 levels
  • Loban - A small fortified settlement
  • Bruelle - A small settle on the west coast of the Empire
  • Aurefont - Home to rich mines and gold depositories
  • Mazewood - A thick, and mysterious forest, which often confuses travellers
  • Bayre Plateau - Vast mountainous plateau in the center of the Bagal region
    • Great Pit - Deep pit tunneling deep into the ground, home to Adyllis, Lord of Earth
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