Barbara RS1
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Japanese name バーバラ
Romaji Baabara
Voice actor(s)
Emi Shinohara
Voice actor(s)
Gender Female
Height 168 cm
Weight 53 kg
Birthplace Unknown
Starting Class Entertainer
Location(s) Northpoint, Uso, Crystal City, Altours, Estamir, Tarmitta, Weston
Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Character

Barbara is one of the 8 main characters in Romancing SaGa and its remake Romancing SaGa: Ministrel Song.


Note: Recruiting Barbara unlocks all the locations where she can be recruited, and the New Road. This, and her Fatestone make her very useful to recruit, however finding her can be challenging. One could possibly recruit Gray to unlock the Dry Lands, should one not have access to them.

Initial Attributes

HP 95 LP 12
COM 6 CHA 10

Default Equipment

Weapon Single Sword Shield --
Head -- Chest Shirt
Hands -- Feet Leather Boots
Neck (Amethyst)* Ring Glamorous Ring

* If Barbara is recruited to a party, she will have the Amethyst Fatestone equipped

Background and Story

Barbara is a dancer with a traveling entertainment troupe that performs all over the reach of New Road. She is friendly and quite sociable, but not much else is known about her. Herman is part of her crew.

All of Barbara's unique cutscenes.


Barbara's stats befit that of a martial artist. High Vitality ensures a solid Defense (making her great for the front row) while a high Compassion makes her a great healer. Her HP, Agility, Strength and Skill also grow at an average pace, making her fluid with any physical weapon type.

This combined focus of physical stats make Melee combat a solid choice for Barbara as it plays to her strengths.

Her Magic tends to suffer however, and she has the lowest base Willpower of the main characters, making her weak to enemy magic.

She begins with the Demonology spell "Energy Bolt" learned, as well as the Amethyst Fatestone equipped (ignoring her own story, in which she must view an event first) which nullifies enemy Demonology used on her.


  • Barbara has access to the earliest possible Fatestone, the Amethyst. When you begin her story, simply talk to the Minstrel in the Weston pub and he will give it to you.
  • If Barbara is recruited into another protagonist's party, she will come equipped with the Amethyst Fatestone.
  • Barbara is one of the two main characters that start off their story with a mount, the other being Aisha. Though Aisha's mount can be used by other main characters, Barbara's cannot. Her mount can only be used if Barbara is your main character.
  • Barbara is one of two main characters to start off with a specific skill belonging to her, Demonology, no matter what class you choose. The other is Albert.
  • In the SNES original, there was a little girl called Natalie. She is not really a part of the story, so it's not that surprising that she's not present in the remake.
  • Barbara was featured in the A-Lim mobile game Brave Frontier as part of a crossover promotion. Her appearance is based on her original design.