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Mythe Works

The Blacksmith is a set of special shops in Unlimited Saga that allow the player to customize weapons and equipment.

Blacksmith shops are only located in 4 towns, each with their own specialities in item creation. By using all of the Blacksmith shops you can customize all 7 weapon different types, shields and accessories. Guns can be modified but not created, while Body armour, Headgear and Boots cannot be made or modified at a Blacksmiths and must be bought or obtained from chests.

  • Wanda - Speciality in Bow & Accessory. Only Blacksmith that handles Guns.
  • Longshank (Mythe Works) - The personal Blacksmith shop of Mythe. Speciality depends on what level of Weapon Smith and Accessory Smith Panel Mythe has. If Mythe is not a playable character then the Works will only be able to make; Dagger, Sword & Accessory.
  • Gadeira - Speciality in increasing durability points.
  • Vaftom - Speciality in drawing out item abilities.
Location Dagger Sword Axe Staff Spear Bow Gun Acc' Shield
Wanda O X O X X O O O X
Longshank O O X X X X X O X
Gadeira O O O O O X X X O
Vaftom X O X O O O X O O

Forging Basics

When at the Blacksmiths you can choose to create or modify an item. Both processes require the use of materials, which can be obtained from shops, treasure chests and monsters.

  • First choose what type of item you want to create (weapon, shield, accessory)
  • Select a 'base' material you wish the item to be made of (this determines it's power/defence and abilities)
  • Select a 'secondary' material to add to the item, increasing it's durability and possibly adding new abilities

Modifying/Repairing items works the same way, except the 'base' item is whatever you want to improve/repair.

Intermediate Forging

Each material you use is grouped by type (and weight), with different materials resulting in different items. By using different materials you can create stronger items, as well as give them different attacks and abilities.

  • By using a similar material type to your 'base' material you can increase the items' durability more than by just picking whatever you have in your inventory.
  • Using the 'Bestial' elemental materials can add Magic capabilities to an item (except Guns)
  • Making a lightweight weapon draws out abilities like <Parry>, <Deflect> and <Block> which can cancel enemy attacks, whereas heavy weapons will have slightly stronger attacks but no defensive ability.
  • By experimenting, you can combine certain materials and change the base item into a stronger or rarer one.

Advanced Forging

By combining certain materials in sequence you can create the most powerful items in the game, which are either incredibly rare or extremely expensive (if you manage to find them in shops). Debatably the most useful and powerful item (overall) is Damascus. It can be made into any weapon, shield or accessory and is fairly easy to make once you know the correct process.

  • You need a piece of Mullock, which is a pretty low level material. (This is found mainly in towns that use a barter system, as well as from chests opened by a failed Fortuneteller prediction)
  • Create a Dagger (or whatever weapon) from Mullock and add any Bestial stone
  • Now create a separate Steel Dagger (Ironstone + Wood = Iron. Iron + Wood = Steel)
  • Forge it into a 'Steel 2' Dagger by adding Wood until you REDUCE it's power from 39 to 38 (15% chance)
  • Steel 2 Dagger + Stone Dagger (Mullock) = Damascus Dagger
  • (Forge the dagger into whatever item you want)

For quick reference, the chart below lists the power of each weapon type as; normal Steel, the lowered Steel 2 and Damascus:

Dgr Swd Axe Spr Stf Bow
Steel 39 55 57 59 43 58
Steel 2 38 54 56 58 42 57
Damascus 66 75 79 83 60 77

Other high-level materials include:

  • Meteoritic Iron = Meterorite + 'Bone/Scale'
  • Faerie Silver = Silver + 'Bestial'
  • Roadster = Diamond + Diamond
  • Queen Shiva/Bliqs = Corundum Sapphire (Water) + Corundum Ruby (Fire)

Each synthesis of materials has a preset success rate (10%, 25% etc), so it is advisable that you save prior to attempting a fusion, especially if you are using high-level materials. If you fail to create the necessary item then you can perform a soft reset (L1 + Select + Start + R1) to reload and try again. Also important: When scrolling over items, you can randomly have the rare material appear, some player were led to believe that when this rare material displays, the chance of the synthesis increases. This is not true, the chance for the rare material text to appear before is the same as with the synthesis itself and theoretically since (for example) the chance for the item is 10%, getting both the synthesis as well as the "preview" for the rare item becomes 1% (10% times 10%).

Forging Magical Items

By adding Bestials into an item you can infuse it with Magical capabilities. These will allow the character to use any Spells they have learnt from a Magic Tablet. The different Bestial items will only unlock one type of magic, equal to its element: Carnelian = Fire, Opal = Metal etc.

If you successfully add Magic to an item it will replace an existing ability in a specific slot on the item.

  • Weapons - Replaces the 2nd ability slot
  • Accessory - Replaces the 2nd ability slot
  • Shield - Replaces the 4th ability slot

You cannot add Magic to shields unless you have already unlocked the other 3 abilities. Like other forging techniques, this only also has a preset success rate, so make sure to save beforehand, or have lots of the desired material for multiple forging attempts.

Material Weights

All materials, items and equipment have a different weight rating. This determines things like a weapons abilities, as well as adding to a character's base weight.

From lightest to heaviest:

  • Feather, Woods (Ash, Cedar, Copse, Oak)
  • Dragonheart, Fang, Platinum/Faerie Silver
  • Bestials (Carnelian, Topaz, Lazuli, Opal, Ravenite, Demonite), Bliqs/Queen Shiva, Coel. Scale, Diamond, Scale, Silver
  • Meteoric Iron, Mullock, Quartz, Roadster, Tortoise Shell
  • Dragon Scale, Iron, Meteorite, Serpentine, Steel
  • Copper, Damascus, Ironstone, Marcasite, Obsidian
  • Lead
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