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Romancing SaGa/Minstrel Song character
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Gender Male
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Race Human
Class N/A
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Type Boss character

Butcher is an antagonist from Romancing SaGa and its remake, Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.



The Butcher is a seemingly bald man with a muscular build, wearing a purple cap and vest, while also sporting some light pink cloths under his pitch black silver armor. His reggings are mostly black with some purple markings, though he wears some spiky golden kneecaps.

In Minstrel Song, Butcher is more classy than threatening, this time having long white hair, an eyepatch, a big red cloak, a bracelet made from what seem to be bones, along with other skeleton parts scattered around his body, like a skull in his golden belt, tightening his white/blue pants, and his black sandals.


The Butcher is a dangerous brute, killing hundreds for the uprising of the pirates, notably in his invasion on the Bafal Empire.


He is the current leader of the Coral Sea pirates after the betrayal of Captain Hawke. He has committed many murders, as well as being responsible for kidnapping and slave trading and conspiring to attack the Empire.

During the quest "Pirate Invasion", Butcher leads his band of pirates in an attack on the Bafal Empire capital of Melvir. If your main character is anyone other than Hawke, this is the only time you will encounter Butcher, where you can fight him in the Melvir port.

After the battle, if your main character is Hawke, you can choose to board a nearby boat and chase after Butcher, settling the score once and for all. You will be rewarded with a Salty Bandana (head armor) for victory, however, this course of action forfeits completing the "Pirate Invasion" quest.


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