Captain Silver
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Japanese name 海賊シルバー
Romaji Kaizoku Shirubaa
Voice actor(s)
Mikako Takahashi
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Gender Female
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Birthplace Unknown
Starting Class Draconite
Location(s) Pirate Coast
Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Character

Capt. Silver is a minor character in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.


Initial Attributes

Default Equipment

Background and Story

A legendary pirate captain Silver hid much of treasure in a secret location, somewhere in Mardias. During the quest "Silver's Treasure", you can attempt to track down her hidden plunder, the most notable of which is the Opal of Wind Fatestone. Guarding the Fatestone is a fearsome Silver Dragon, who turns out to be Captain Silver herself, charged by Elore to watch over the Opal until a rightful owner would emerge.

If you succeed in claiming the Opal you can then recruit Captain Silver in a pub on the Pirate Coast. In order to gain access to the Pirate Coast you must have discovered the Pirate's Hideout in the Melvir Sewers before, or during, the quest "Pirate Invasion".


Captain Silver has the highest Strength output in the game; Starting out with a Great Sword to further help this along. Her Magic and Endurance are also respectable as well. Contrastly, she suffers from low Agility and Willpower; making her slow and vulnerable to enemy Magic.She also, like Frielei , has a VERY low LP count, (7) making it relatively easy for her to be permanently killed.

She will need strong armor and great defensive spells to keep herself alive due to her delicate defenses.


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