The Carrier System is a gameplay element in Unlimited Saga, unique to Ventus' storyline.


Carriers are a form of delivery people, ferrying objects and items from one city to another for a monetary fee. The main protagonist Ventus is a Carrier, following in the footsteps of his brother, the famous carrier Briza of Team Lafarle.

Some of the recruitable characters throughout Unlimited Saga are also carriers, or ex-carriers.

Carrier's Guild

The heart of the Carrier community, the Guilds offer jobs for the carriers to undertake. Each location has it's own Carrier's Guild, which can be accessed at any time during Ventus' quest, and is also the trigger point for most of his main quests. Each guild will offer 4 quests at a time, which change whenever you leave/enter a city.

If you try to enter a Carrier Guild while playing as any of the other 6 protagonists you will be forced to leave by the Guild Master.

Carrier Quest

Carrier Quests are only available when playing as Ventus.

By entering a Carrier Guild you can accept Carrier Quests for money. You are tasked with ferrying an object (not listed in your inventory, or interactable with) from the Guild you are in to the Guild of another city.

When you leave a location, having accepted a job, you will start the Carrier Quest. These consist of 2-4 generic maps (dependant on location) between each settlement. You can fight battles and hunt for treasure like normal quests/side-quests along the way. Once you have traversed all the maps you will be allowed to upgrade your Growth Panel, and gain access to town. Head to the Guild to turn in your quest for the reward and an increase in your Carrier Rank.

On harder Carrier Quests you may need to pass through several towns to reach the final destination necessary. If you reach a stop-off location you can shop, use the Blacksmith (if available) and save the game, but cannot take on other quests, if applicable. (Once a job has begun, it must be completed before you can accept other quests or navigate the game map.) As soon as you leave town, you will resume the Carrier Quest and will need to complete the next set of maps before you can reach the next town.

Carrier Rank

Ventus' Carrier Rank will increase as he completes more and more quests. As the Rank goes up, the Carrier Quest reward, difficulty and distance also increase, as well as the chance to collect more/high-level treasure and Growth Panels.

When you complete a Carrier Quest the Guildmaster will tell you how many points you have. When you reach the correct amount your rank will increase.

Rank Points
1 0 - 9
2 10 - 19
3 20 - 29
4 30 - 39
5 40 - 49
6 50 - 59
7 60 - 69
8 70 - 79
9 80 - 89
10 90+