A full list of characters (including both playable protagonists and NPC antagonists) in Unlimited Saga.

Each character page has extensive details about that character*, such as:

  • Appearances - Which scenario(s) the character is playable, or appears, in
  • Story - Brief backstory and history of the character
  • Battle:
    • Initial Growth Panel - Which Growth Panels the character starts/joins with
    • Initial Equipment - What equipment the character starts/joins with
    • Making Parameters - Stat growth, ranging from 0 (poor) to 5 (very good)
    • Initial Parameters - What stats the character starts/joins with
    • Constant Parameters - Stats that cannot be altered like HP recovery and LP
  • Playable Characters** - List of characters playable in the scenario
  • Battle Quotes - List of phrases said by the character in, and out of, battle
  • Trivia - General notes and bits of interesting information about the character
* NPC Antagonist pages will only contain information relating to their Appearances, Backstory and Trivia
** "Playable Characters" only appears on the 7 main protagonist's pages.

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