The Chapa Tribe are a peaceful humanoid-animal race in Unlimited Saga.
Armic Family

Part of Armic's Chapa family

The Tribe, including Armic, reside in Chapa village, in the north-west portion of the continent, and are easily recognisable by their beaver/squirrel like appearance. They have a laid back attitude to life, commerce and fighting.

While most characters can visit Chapa Village, they will only ever see one Chapa, the Chapa Elder. When playing as Armic you are introduced to 3 other Chapas from the village who compete against Armic to gather all the materials needed for the Rain Ceremony. These are;

  • Merito - The bravest Chapa
  • Qalesin - The most popular Chapa
  • Spry - The smartest Chapa

There's also Armic's family and the chief of the village, whom can unlock the secret dungeon for any character with access to this village (provided the special requirements are also met).