Cielmer (シルマール?) is a character in SaGa Frontier 2. Cielmer is a kind and helpful magician from Gruegel and Gustave XIII's teacher when the Prince is 3 to 7 years old. He supports and councils Gustave ever since he was banished from court, accompanied by his mother.


Cielmer first appears in the scenarios involving Gustave's banishment. Cielmer is considered to be the greatest practitioner of the Anima Arts in Sandail who has great influence and is thought of as a sage. Gustave XII hired him to serve as Gustave XIII's tutor, but failed to see that Gustave possessed no Anima whatsoever. After the embarrassment of the Firebrand Ceremony and Gustave's banishment, Cielmer asks Gustave XII to release him from his services to the crown. This ends up being a ruse by Cielmer to give him the ability to sneak Queen Sophie and Gustave XIII out of Thermes.

Cielmer then traveled the lands of Sandail and took the young adventurer Narcisse as a travel companion. They traveled to Vogelang, where they encountered a young Nebelstern who was on a journey of his own to prove his ability. Seeing talent within the future general, Cielmer befriends the adventurer and convinces him to return to Gruegel with them. From there, the two form a long lasting friendship.

Cielmer is called upon by Kelvin to use that friendship decades later in order to convince Nebelstern to come out of retirement and serve as Gustave's general in retaking his homelands and claiming his birthright. Nebelstern had been resisting Gustave's pleas for help but Cielmer was able to get through to him by helping Nebelstern see that Gustave is going through the same struggles he once had.

Sometime afterwards, Cielmer takes the young Ventarbre in to serve as his apprentice as he recognized his strong aptitude for understanding how people think, and a sharp mind well suited for strategy. Cielmer passes away in these intervening years, but Ventarbre serves Gustave and Kelvin in a similar capacity as his master had up until the rise of King David.

Scenario History

Scenario Name Year Age
The General's Memories 1228 32


Cielmer is playable for only one scenario in the game. He begins with some of the highest elemental art stats among the first and second generations characters with Tree and Stone being in their mid-20s. His HP is fairly high for a mage build and his SP is pretty good as well to compliment his magic art talents. His LP is average and he only has a stat in martial arts with all other weapon types being 0. He doesn't start with any weapons, and has fewer starting equipment than most characters.

Cielmer is in possession of a special item called the "Cielmerlion", which is the only item capable of using the Hybrid Arts "Wood Punch" and "Stone Punch". This item cannot be removed. As a magic user, Cielmer is a strong mage if you give him a staff or other items to boost his SP Regeneration. He has no talent for weapon arts and despite having two unique fist arts, his WP and Martial skills are too low to help make them worthwhile. It's best to just load him with any spell arts you've learned and equip him appropriately to use them.

Unique among the cast, Cielmer has the worst stat growth of the playable cast, being slightly worse than characters like William or Watts who use generic sprites for themselves. This is due to Cielmer being unable to grow any of his stats despite the game claiming his high affinity for all of the Magic Arts. This is not a big problem as he's only available for one short scenario and his starting stats are abnormally high for the point in the game he's available.

Cielmer comes with the Protean Role, which increases SP Regeneration. He is actually better with Roles like Heavy Spell or War God due to spell arts increasing in damage the lower the characters SP is.

Stat Growth

HP WP SP M.Arts Swo Axe Sta Spe Bow Tre Sto Fir Wat Ton Bea
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Spell Art Sparking

Tree Stone Fire Water Tone Beast
Life Water



Water Hammer

Recovery Breath





Starting Equipment

  • Wood Shoes
  • Caster Robe
  • Cielmerlion

Other appearances

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game

Cielmer appears as an obtainable card.



  • The name Cielmer is made up of two french words, 'Ciel' and 'Mer' which mean sky and sea respectively.
  • Cielmer is one of the few characters in story who is said to be capable of using spell arts without the need for Tools or Quells.
  • His unique item Cielmerlion is described as a Brand in the item description, implying it's a tattoo or runic marking. This might explain his method of bypassing the ability to use Spell Arts without a tool, and why it's one of the few items that can't be unequipped.


Stat Growth chart


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