The Class System, or just Classes for short, are an important gameplay element in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.

Each playable character can equip a "Class", via the Skill Mentor in towns, which will give them bonuses in battle, along with raising key battle and field skills. Classes cost jewels to learn and upgrade, up to Level 5, each providing greater benefits to the user. Some Classes come pre-equipped on characters (see individual character profiles), but most are available from the Skill Mentors. Some "Legendary" Classes will not appear at all unless you have already levelled up all the relevant skills, and then you may only switch/equip them in specific locations.

Basic Classes

These are the basic Classes available from most locations, which require the least amount of jewels to unlock/level.

Name Weapon Magic Field Locations Effect

Staff, Martial Arts

Terrology -- Northpoint, Uso, Weston, Jelton, Godongo Resist Physical ailments
Blacksmith Club Pyrology Gathering Bruelle, Eugenstadt, Jelton Resist Willpower ailments, Better mining Ores
Craftsman Short Sword Cosmology Strategy Almost everywhere -1 to DP/LP consumption sometimes

Long Sword, Martial Arts

-- Covert Every region Decrease enemy combo rate



Foil, Long Sword, Shield -- -- Crystal City, Altours, Yeoville, N.Estamir Reduce enemy ambush



2-Handed Axe, Lance, Martial Arts -- -- Godongo Increase counter rate
Herbalist -- Terrology Gathering, Survival Northpoint, Uso, Taralian Camp, Weiserheim, Tarmitta Find better Herbs
Pioneer Hand Axe, Club -- Gathering Northpoint, Uso, Gato's Village, Weston, Godongo Recover+ to Willpower ailments
Pirate Foil, Hand Axe Hydrology -- Northpoint, Jelton, Pirate Coast, Godongo Act faster in battle
Ranger Bow Terrology Search Melvir, Loban, Tarmitta Reduce BP consumption
Swordsman Foil, Long Sword, 2-Handed Sword -- -- All mainland regions Increase Attack Mode damage
Thief Foil -- Search, Strategy S.Estamir, Jelton, Pirate Coast Increase "Find Chest/Treasure" range
Trader -- -- Strategy, Survival, Trading All regions but "Frontier" Ability to trade items with monsters



Hand Axe, 2-Handed Sword -- Survival Gato's Village Recover+ to Physical ailments

Advanced Classes

Intermediate level of Classes, requiring more jewels and skills to unlock, but offering greater benefits to the user.

(2-H) - Two-Handed weapon, (T) - Train only, (C) - Change/Equip only, (+) - Increase

Name Weapon Magic Field Locations Effect
Assassin Short Sword Illusion, Sorcery Covert, Trading Ettinham (T), S.Estamir (C) Increase ambush chance



Long Sword, Great Sword, 2-H Sword, Pole Arm, Shield -- -- Mirsaburg, Eugenstadt Deflect for an attacked ally+
Draconite Great Sword, 2-H Sword, Katana Pyrology, Illusion, Bewitchery -- Ettinham (T), Pirate Coast (C) Damage+ Atk/DEF Mode, Speed+ Trick mode



Scimitar, Katana, Martial Arts Illusion Search N.Estamir, S.Estamir Status ailment chance+
Hunter Scimitar, Hand Axe, Bow Terrology Search Northpoint, Uso, Taralian Camp, Gato's Village Aerial attack hit-rate+



Foil, Great Sword, 2-H Axe, Shield Cosmology -- Melvir, Loban, Bruelle Increase Combo with previous action



Short Sword, Scimitar, Hand Axe Aerology Survival Melvir, Bruelle Increase Combo with next action



-- Hydrology, Aerology, Illusion, Cosmology Trading Melvir, Loban Combine 2 spells into a Fusion spell



Lance, Bow Hydrology, Demonology Covert S.Estamir, Tarmitta Aerial attacks+



Scimitar, Katana, Staff, Pole Arm, Bow, Martial Arts -- -- Weston, Jelton, Pirate Coast Surge & Reverse rate+
Red Mage* -- Pyrology, Aerology, Demonology, Sorcery, Necromancy -- Ettinham (T), Weiserheim (C) Sorcery & Necromancy spells+



Short Sword, Pole Arm, Bow Bewitchery Search Crystal City, Altours, Yeoville Act faster in Trick Mode



Club, Staff Hydrology, Demonology, Bewitchery -- Crystal City, Altours, N.Estamir Combine 3 spells into a Fusion spell



Long Sword, Club, Lance, Shield Bewitchery -- Crystal City, Yeoville, N.Estamir


(DEF mode DEF++)

Wizard Staff Pyrology, Aerology, Demonology, Cosmology -- Mirsaburg, Weiserheim Cast Spells more effectively

* Only the Red Mage can make use of the Necromancy abilities

Legendary Classes

Highest tier of Classes, which requires all the skills to be Level 3+ before unlocking. Grants a DP/LP reduction for weapon techniques/spells in the class by 2. (No change to this effect for higher level of Class)

Name Weapon Magic Field Locations*
Bard Foil, Long Sword, Bow Demonology, Cosmology Search, Trading Ettinham, Melvir
Cleric Club, Staff, Martial Arts Hyrdology, Terrology, Cosmology Gathering Ettinham, Crystal City
Fortuneteller Club Hydrology, Aerology, Illusion, Bewitchery Search, Gathering Ettinham, Tarmitta
Master Scimitar, Club, Katana, Pole Arm, Martial Arts Bewitchery Covert Ettinham, Jelton
Rogue Foil, Short Sword, Scimitar, Bow -- Strategy, Covert, Trading Ettinham, S.Estamir
Shaman Long Sword, Scimitar, Hand Axe, Shield Pyrology, Aerology, Demonology -- Ettinham, Yeoville
Sorcerer Staff Pyrology, Hydrology, Aerology, Terrology, Illusion, Demonology Ettinham, Weiserheim
Templar Long Sword, 2-H Sword, Lance Cosmology, Bewitchery Search, Survival Ettinham, N.Estamir
Warrior Great Sword, Hance Axe, 2-H Sword, 2-H Axe, Lance, Shield -- Survival Ettinham, Mirsaburg

* All locations listed are only able to change/equip the Class

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