Coral Sea is a region of Mardias in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.
Coral Sea

The Coral Sea

The domain of pirates and the infamous Hawke and Capt. Silver. The area is a small territory made up of a series of tiny islands and a portion of the coast of the Dry Lands.
Coral Sea map

Coral Sea map

You begin Hawke's story aboard his boat, the "Lady Luck", on the Coral Sea. This is the only chance you have to explore this area, using the boat to navigate the seas and explore the nearby caves. In the mean time you can attack nearby ships to engage in battle with the guards on them. After a victory you can let the ship crew go or sink their ship. You will eitherway receive money for this, but the second option gives more money, plus increases your alligment with the evil Gods.


  • Pirate Coast - Small port town full of pirates. Only becomes accessible via the quest "Pirate Invasion", but only if the player enters the pirate hideout in the Sewers of Melvir BEFORE the Invasion quest begins.
  • Coral Sea/Coastal Caverns (Hawke's intro) - Explorable area of the Coral Sea, with 4 branching cave areas (pictured). This area is only avaible to Hawke at the start of his game and you can never return to it after that.
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