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"How amusing.... You are trying to pick a fight with me! Are you sure? It's the destiny of mortals....Very well. Remember the greatness of my power!"

~ The Creator before transforming to fight the protagonists. - The Final Fantasy Legend

The Creator (かみ Kami?) was a being who had originally created humanity, the Tower, Ashura, and masterminded all the events that plagued humanity from the very beginning.

The party meets him several times throughout the course of the game in his mortal form, as he gives hints on how to break the seals on the doors. When the protagonists meet him in Paradise, he congratulates their victory and reveals his role as the cause of the troubles plaguing humankind. He describes how he believed humans didn't understand courage or determination and an so created Ashura to put that notion to the test and see how humanity would cope. Pleased with their success as the first to complete his "game", the Creator offers to grant the heroes a wish of their choosing, which is quickly refused by the protagonists. He justifies that as the creator of the world he was allowed to do what he wished, but was vehemently insulted by the heroes who refused to accept the Creator's evil and manipulative nature. Offended that he was willing to cause so much suffering in the worlds, the protagonists proceeded to battle the arrogant god and after much effort, managed to destroy him and free the world from his manipulation.


  • The Japanese Game Guide for Unlimited Saga, when telling the story of Iskandar, does refer to "The Creator". It is very questionable whenever it's the same character, but such a coincidence does still seem unusual. In SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions, another recruitable character with similar anachronistic dress sense, Francis Torrence, has an ending that mentions he goes on to become the Celestial of another world, either paying homage to, or suggesting a connection to, the Creator.
  • Due to a glitch in the code, it is possible to slay The Creator with the Saw weapon. This became such an iconic element that it was not fixed in later ports, and the Final Fantasy XIII teams referenced it by making the final boss Orphan, susceptible to the Death spell. More directly, the game SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions would actually have a plot-relevant item, the Emperor's Saw, as a legendary weapon which was the only thing that could slay powerful deities.
  • The battle against creator is referenced in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song under the tale of the Axe that Slew a God.
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