The Cursed Gauntlet is a unique Growth Panel item in Unlimited Saga.


Kurt's Gauntlet (center)

It is only present in 2 characters; Kurt and Michelle. The Gauntlet takes up the central slot in both character's Panel, making high level Panel Combos impossible, as well as hindering major stat boosts through strategic formations. The Gauntlet is classed as a Negative Panel and will never appear as a possible post-quest Growth Panel option for anyone and cannot be upgraded through normal means.


The Gauntlet is the main focus of Kurt's scenario, where he attempts to find people with enough knowledge to dispell and remove it from his arm. Little is known of how or why Kurt has the Gauntlet on his arm.

Approximately every 15 minutes of game time Kurt will be drawn into the Gauntlet and forced into a one-on-one battle with a monster. The fights are only initiated when you are on a quest/in a dungeon and will never occur while in town or blacksmithing. Successfully winning the various fights in the Gauntlet will automatically increase it's level on Kurt's Growth Panel.


Michelle also has a Gauntlet, but unlike Kurt's it cannot be upgraded as she is never forced into it to fight. She makes referrence to the gauntlet in her appearances but never reveals how, or why, she has the Gauntlet.

As it cannot be upgraded, it drastically alters her Growth Panel by constantly having a Level 1 panel in the center of her grid.

Upgrading the Gauntlet

It is possible for Kurt to power up the Gauntlet, thus gaining some increase in stats on his Growth Panel. The Gauntlet starts out at Level 1 and by defeating a series of monsters, will upgrade one level every 2-3 fights if successful.

Gauntlet battle

Kurt battling Scorpion

Level 1

  • Scorpion - 2 LP - Basic Insect monster that uses Shuriken and X-Termination (pictured)
  • Zorus - 3 LP - Basic Orc Wildling monster with few attacks . Should be easy to defeat after completing one quest.
  • Greedy - 3 LP - Basic Guckie Beast monster.

Level 2

  • Chaos Crab - 4 LP - Basic Aquan monster (Crab class).
  • Blue Windsor - 5 LP - Basic Bird monster (Drake class).

Level 3

  • Mad Buc - 6 LP - Mid-level Humanoid/Wildling enemy with a mix of spells and attacks.
  • Vergirius - 6 LP - Demon monster (Jester class). Has use of some high level Spells.
  • Agares* - 9 LP - High-level Aquan monster. Lots of HP and defense, coupled with 9 LP makes Agares a very tough opponent. You will need some high damage attacks (Level 4) to reduce his HP before focusing on piercing attacks to drain his LP. If you lack strong attacks then Agares is a great enemy to spark Arts from. Subsequently, not defeating Agares, but letting yourself be killed and fighting him repeatedly is a good way to learn some of the most powerful attacks in the game.

(By defeating Agares, you will hear an eerie voice call "Come, come to Starship Anchor". This unlocks a separate final boss and ending for Kurt's quest.)

Level 4

  • Abaddon - 12 LP - Undead monster (Greed class) with a mix of attacks and stat altering attacks. Should be fairly easy to kill after defeating Agares.
  • Domliat* - 12 LP - Strong Demon monster, with a number of devestating attacks able to damage 3 LP each turn. Good equipment, Growth Panels and Arts are all necessary to defeat Domliat and complete the Cursed Gauntlets challenges and raise the Panel to Level 5.

(Domilat has the highest rate in the game for sparking new abilities. Losing fights against him is a viable option for ability farming.)

If you lose a fight inside the Gauntlet you are simply returned to your current quest without a Game Over, despite the one-on-one rules; though your weapon's durability will still be consumed for all of the Battle Skills you may have used. The next time you are drawn into the Gauntlet you will face the same monster until you can defeat it and progress.


  • As Kurt's Gauntlet battles are initiated by a specific time delay, it is possible to significantly increase the level of the Gauntlet at the start of the game simply by either; waiting for long periods on the initial story quest(s), or, repeatedly failing side-quest adventures.