Custom Arts is the collective term in SaGa Frontier 2 for any attack/spell ability that is created through Duelling an enemy.

While Combos are merely linking attacks together in Party Battles, Custom Arts are brand new creations developed by blending Battle Commands in Duels. Due to this, the likelihood of performing Custom Arts is always greater than that of creating Combo Arts.

There are 3 main components of Custom Arts that can be created through duelling:

  1. General Battle Commands (Ready, Charge, Feint etc)
  2. Spell Commands (Tree, Flame, Stone etc)
  3. Technique Battle Commands (Punch, Slash, Shoot etc)

However, some Custom Arts do not include point 1. and simply consist of pure Spell/Battle Commands. Furthermore, it is possible to create enhanced Anima types by linking upto 4 Spell commands into a single move. These generally have a slight increase in effect and power over the standard single-command Anima castings.

"Water - Water - Water - Water" may result in Water Level 4
This will be more effective at healing in a Duel than "Water" alone.

However, "Ready - Charge - Water - Water" can also become Water Level 4
While not as effective as "Water x 4", it will still be better than just "Water"

(In the case of offensive Spells (Flame, Tree etc) the spell power will increase)

All Custom Arts you develop can be found in the Menu Window (square) under the heading "Player Notes". Once a Custom Art has been learned it becomes much easier to perform again in Duels regardless of the character using it.

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