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Aldora Darque.jpg
Portrait RoSaMinDarque.png
Gender Male
Race Human/Undead
Class Assassin
Appearances Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song

Darque (ダーク?) is an assassin and a recruitable character in the game Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song. His body is possessed by the spirit of a sorceress named Aldora.

Darque is unlocked if you fulfill the requirements of Clearing the Assassins Guild quest, defeating Scorn (Moonstone quest, Melvir Invasion or the Unlucky Woman), and meeting Death all in the same playthrough.



Darque has long reddish hair that is braided at the back, pale skin, and his face is covered with a unique veil that goes down a ways to his torso. He sports dark colored lightweight armor with greaves and gauntlets, a slight deviation from the usual attire a Kjari assassin would wear.



In order to inherit the Assassin's Guild, Darque performs a technique of false death by consuming a poison. In truth, he was going to take a poison he had resistance to, but Scorn switched the poison he was going to use and he died as a result. In the Netherworld, Scorn asks Death to aid Saruin, so Death releases a powerful sorceress from Purgatory unto Darque's corpse for Scorn to use as a puppet to further their plans for Saruin's revival. However Darque was able to miraculously return to life and the combined souls in one body cause him to have amnesia due to the conflicting personalities. As you raise stats, DEX for Darque, and INT for Aldora, their memories will slowly return.

If Darque is the dominant personality (50 DEX), he will run off to the assassin's guild and will offer to join you, when he does, he will give you his specialized sword also. (Scimitar)

If Aldora is the dominant personality (40 INT), you will be able go to Purgatory, there you find the Wizard's ring after reaching the 1,000th floor. She will then run off, when you find her again, give her the ring and she will join.

In the end cutscene if she is the dominant personality, Aldora will finally be able to pass on and you will see her in her true body, and unlike some rumors state, this is the only time you get to see her in this form.

Other appearances

Emperors SaGa

Darque appears as an obtainable character.

Imperial SaGa

Darque appears as an obtainable character.


Unique cutscenes for: Aldora, Darque.


  • Neither Darque nor Aldora appeared in the original Super Famicom version of Romancing SaGa. They are exclusive to the PS2 remake, placing them among the newer characters to appear.
  • In Ultimania, both Darque and Aldora's personalities are awakened in Darque. After the battle with Saruin, Darque claims that he abandoned his assassin life and he said he is an free adventurer.


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