"Deities' Table. Named due to its great size"

Artwork by Yusuke Naora

Deities' Table (aka Mephit's Table) is one of The Seven Wonders in Unlimited Saga. It's located near Solophero and is the final dungeon of Judy. It can also be accessed as a side-quest for any character who visits Solophero.

The Table is a giant triangular mirror, which is a key aspect of Judy's scenario. Most of the items and monsters encountered on the table are hidden behind mirror shards and use the reel system to fight or scare them off. Due to the mirror's size and height into the sky the large majority of enemies, including the boss, are bird types.


Simply make your way from the start of the Table atop the Mirror of Sins through the Mirror of Dreams and Mirror of Time and enter the final area, the Mirror of Guidance where the guardian awaits.

The Mirror is a confusing place, concealing monsters and treasure behind 'mirror shards' as well as displaying useless skills as usable (eg. displaying Cave Guide when it actually requires Architect to explore). You will need to examine any shards one by one on the Skills menu to find out what they are.

You will also occasionally be assailed by flying shards. When one shows up you must pass a Reel System check. Landing on a green orb will make the shard disappear, while landing on the X or dynamite will force you into battle with a group of birds (who often drop Magic Tablets).

From the Mirror of Sin, head northwest/clockwise all the way around to the Mirror of Dreams. Head in a north by northwest direction to reach the 3rd area, the Mirror of Time. Finally, keep heading south, ignoring the paths to the sides, to reach the Mirror of Guidance.

As soon as you set foot on the Mirror of Guidance an Anka will swoop down and attack you. The fight should be fairly easy, especially if you have already faced this enemy in other quests, such as The Cavern of Murals.

Number of turns: 1200


Deities' Table is split into 4 large mirror sections, each with fairly linear pathways through them. During the side-quest, however, the 4th/final area is unaccessable as the guardian beast will attack you as soon as you set foot within the Mirror of Guidance. Defeating the guardian results in the end of the quest.

There are no envrionmental obstacles, but exploration of the Table requires the use of the Architect skill.


  • Birds
  • Wildlings
  • Beast
  • Vegeplasts
  • Giant Bird (boss)

Notable Items

  • Magic Tablet - High chance to be dropped by the Birds concealed behind Mirror fragments.


  • While many of the other Seven Wonders seem to be based upon the "Seven Wonders of Ancient Time" and other mythological structures, Deities' Table does not appear to be based on anything well known.