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SaGa Frontier 2 character
ディアナ (Diana?)
SF2 Diana.png
Sprite SF2 Diana Sprite.png
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 20
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances SaGa Frontier 2
Emperors SaGa
Imperial SaGa
Type Playable
Were you looking for Diana from Romancing SaGa?

Diana (ディアナ Diana?) is a playable character from SaGa Frontier 2. She was born a settler in the Northern Continent. She is only playable in one scenario, and afterward goes on to become the wife of Rich Knights and mother to Ginny Knights.





Diana first meets Rich when her village in North Gate was destroyed by giant sand worms. Rich asks her if she would like to join in his adventure to become wealthy together, and not knowing what else to do, Diana joins him. After a successful victory in the nearby Fossil Cave, she falls in love with him. Despite Rich leaving her in pursuit of the Egg, she awaits his return ever since.


Scenario History

Scenario Name Year Age
To the Fossil Cave 1280 20


Despite her gentle demeanor, Diana is actually quite gifted in weapon and magic arts. Her proficiency lie in Swords, Spears and Staves while her spell-casting talents lie in Stone, Water and Beast.

Diana has very low stats when she initially joins, but she has one of the highest WP Regeneration stats in the game which can make up for some of her shortcomings. Her stat growth is also moderately fast and if the player wishes to level her up, they will be surprised to find that Diane is one of the most capable sword fighters in the game.

Unfortunately, she only appears in one scenario and her partner will likely dominate most of combat for them.

Her best Roles are likely to be defensive based in order to compensate her low initial health. Defense and Wall are good choices for her, but players who take the effort to build her up can switch her to more offensive roles like Heavy Attack and Ace.

Starting Equipment

  • Stone Knife
  • Caster Cloth
  • Wood Shoes

Other appearances

Emperors SaGa

Diana appeared as an obtainable character.

Imperial SaGa

Diana appears as an obtainable character.



  • Diana has one of the more unique battle animations and victory poses, as she always has one hand holding up her long skirt to run when she strikes an enemy, while her victory pose is a curtsy.
  • Diana is mentioned in the scenario To Cast a Rainbow. If Rich recruits Eleanor in Westia, she'll notice he's traveling with the young Julia and then chastise Rich while asking him what happened to Diana.


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