Status Portrait RoSaMinDowd
Japanese name ダウド
Romaji Daudo
Voice actor(s)
Toshinobu Iida
Voice actor(s)
Sam Riegel
Gender Male
Height {{{Height}}}
Weight {{{Weight}}}
Birthplace South Estamir
Starting Class None
Location(s) South Estamir (Slave Trader's House)
Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Character

Dowd is a minor recruitable character in Romancing SaGa and Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.


  • Recruitable from South Estamir, inside the Slave Trader's House, but he cannot be re-recruited by Jamil and to unlock him for other characters, the player must play as Jamil and make him leave before finishing the Assasin's Guild quest. If a player does so, he becomes unlocked for all future playthroughs. However Dowd and Jamil have a special lock-out system in place where having one of the 2 in the party, forbids the other to appear. The one exception to this is playing as a female character and completing Wuhan's Secret, Jamil appears in Farah's house at the end, and his recruitment is possible there, even if you have Dowd, so if you recruit Dowd after that, and come back to the house, you can get both.

Initial Attributes

HP -- LP 17
STR -- VIT --
DEX -- AGI --
INT -- WIL --
COM -- CHA --

Default Equipment

Weapon -- Shield --
Head -- Chest --
Hands -- Feet --
Neck -- Ring --

Background and Story

He is a friend of Jamil and Farah, and can be found in South Estamir. He starts out in the party when playing as Jamil, but is difficult to recruit otherwise.