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SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions character
Elisabeth Adams
エリザベート・アダムズ (Erizabēto Adamuzu?)
SSG Elisabeth 2.png
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Lady of House Adams
Initial Role TBA
Appearances' SaGa Scarlet Grace
Imperial SaGa
Voice Actor Kana Asumi
Allegra Clark
Type Playable

Elisabeth Adams (エリザベート・アダムズ Erizabēto Adamuzu?), also known as Lissa (?), is a playable character from SaGa Scarlet Grace. She is the childhood friend of Leonard and accompanies him in his journey. She is the daughter of a wealthy merchant who is pressuring her to get married.




Elisabeth is a quick-witted young woman who knows much about the world she inhabits. She often shows a sarcastic streak with Leonard and loves to tease him. Although in spite of this, she cares deeply for him. Due to her family's traveling status, she is often quick to provide information about provinces or the locale. She is also unafraid to express her opinions.


Leonard's Path

Elisabeth joins Leonard on his journey to drown the Scarlet Shards in Ei-Hanum.



Element Marsia
LP 5
SKL 11
MOB 14
INT 11
CON 10
Specialty Clubs
Formation Double Combine
Gender F


Leonard's Path

Elisabeth is automatically recruited at the start of Leonard's path.


  • I seriously need to get it together—because Leo's such an idiot.

Possible Endings

Urpina's Story
After the showdown with the Firebringer, Elisabeth became a vessel for new Infernal life, delivering many of their kind unto the world through virgin births. Urpina would time and again step in to slay the Infernals and save her, but it is unknown whether Elisabeth appreciated this gesture.
Leonard's Story
After the journey of the Scarlet Shards came to a close, Elisabeth became happily married and was blessed with three sons and three daughters. As the top dog in the mighty landowning family of House Adams, she became known throughout Marchiam Yaxart—to this day, there are many who cannot help but cower in her mighty presence.
Taria's Story
It is said that another candidate for Arch Witch emerged after Taria removed herself from the running, but it is unknown whether that had anything to do with Elisabeth.
Balmaint's Story
When she was but a small child, Elisabeth would often play with her dear uncle Sigfrei. Perhaps Sigfrei had some deeper, more grand aim...or maybe he just liked kids. Alas, the answer to that mystery has been forever lost to the mists of history.
All Stories N/A



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