Elore is a God in the Romancing SaGa and Romancing Saga: Minstrel Song games.

He is the God of Light and creator of humanity (basing them on Nisa's creation, The Taralians) and the Fatestones.


The Father of all the current Gods, He was born from Saiva's finger, to turn the tide of battle during the War between Marda and Saiva. The needle used to create Elore became the Left-Hand Sword/Main Gauche. However, Elore sided with Marda and Saiva was defeated.

Minstrel Elore

Elore in the guise of the Minstrel

He dons the guise of the Minstrel and guides the Heroes along the path of salvation for mankind, offering advice with his knowlege of the past. Elore will no longer directly do battle with any of the other Gods. The battle between the Gods destroyed the world, pitting different races against each other. Thus, the world was left scarred and many other races as well as the Gods died out. Elore and Nisa being the only God that survided the great battle, he brought harmony to the world once more.

With Saruin's return at hand, he tells the Heroes that it is up to the mortals to save the world just as Mirsa did in the past. With the fate of the world in their hands, Elore tells the Heroes during "The Trials of Elore" that he will not stop Saruin and if it is the will of the world to be destroyed, he will not intervene.

Moments from the Trials of Elore quest