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SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions character
エアライヒ (Earaihi?)
SSG Credits Ereich.png
Gender Male
Race Human

Appearances' SaGa Scarlet Grace
Voice Actor James Louis
Type Playable

Erreich (エアライヒ Earaihi?) is a playable character in SaGa Scarlet Grace.





Erreich is found in Termina, acting as a fisherman. He is knowledgeable about the rumors of the area, particularly with regards to witches. He warns the player about the witch of Raven Manor, who is sealed to that place by a series of enchanted urns.

When the inhabitant of Raven Manor, Kreisa, tells the player the rumor about breaking the urns bringing good fortune, Erreich insists it is a witch's trick. If the player breaks the urns and confronts Kreisa as a witch to defeat her, then it is possible to recruit Erreich. 

Erreich talks with Camelia, who accuses him of wasting time fishing instead of hunting witches. He retorts that their group, La Chasse, is for hunting witches, not settling personal grudges. After she leaves, Erreich will tell the party that one time his sister went to Raven Manor and upon seeing her again, she killed anyone nearby with magic. He claims it was not his sister, but a witch wearing her face and she had to be sealed in Raven Manor with the magical urns. With Kreisa defeated, he no longer has to keep vigil over the Manor and will either leave forever (on Leonard's route), or join the party.



Element Jutris
LP 7
Strength 11
Skill 12
Speed 10
Endurance 11
Magic 8
Concentration 9
Formation Sweeping Strikes

Unique Role

The Indecisive: Max BP up +2 (L) / Initial BP down -1 (M)


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