Escata is a location in Unlimited Saga. It used to be a kingdom, however shortly prior the start of the game it was invaded by Dagul Bos and his army. During Laura's quest you help the prince of Escata, Henri, to re-establish the kingdom and find the truth behind the attacks. Escata is home to one of the many shops that uses a barter system, as well as the burnt remains of the Escata Palace.



  • Titan's Flute - "Repair the malfunction at Amulet Tower"
  • Escata Palace - "Escata Palace, destroyed by Dagul Bos. It appears that a wealth of treasure remains..."
  • Warmth of the Throne - "Escata Palace, destroyed by Dagul Bos. The throne is still warm."
  • Monsters of the Ruined Castle - "Escata Palace, destroyed by Dagul Bos. It looks like monsters have moved in."
  • Dagul Bos' Castle - "The Castle of the Anubito leader, Dagul Bos. Challenge him if you dare"
  • The Hanging Garden (Seven Wonder) - "The most amazing of the Seven Wonders floats in midair. It's beauty changes with the seasons"


  • Despite the title of Carrier's Guild Ruins, the functionality of the Guild is still available for Carrier Quests.