Faerie's Grove is a unique location in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.
Faerie's Grove

Faerie's Grove

Home to the Faerie's, who long ago removed themselves from Mardias, the Grove moves around the world at random and can be accessed from any location once initially found.

There are 2 ways to initially unlock the Faerie's Grove:

  1. Obtain the Amethyst Fatestone (main character is Barbara only, or simply recruit her)
  2. Lose to the King of the Jungle during the "Oh, Mummy!" quest

Once unlocked the Grove will move around the world and can be accessed from whichever region it currently resides in. After you visit the Grove, when you go to exit you will end up in a random town location (not always the same region you went in at).

Faerie's Grove Quest

Faerie's Grove 2

Faerie's Grove Throne

The main point of the Faerie's Grove is to activate the quest of the same name. On your first visit talk to all the faerie's then leave. Return to the Grove for a second time and speak to all the faerie's again. One of them in the inner area will mention something about the mysterious throne, and it's barrier, deep within the grove.

If you manage to collect all 5 Spirits, you will be able to dispell the barrier and claim the reward from the Faerie's.

  • Wood Spirit - Inside Mazewood
  • Fire Spirit - Mt. Tomae B4, near exit to B5 (requires Jump)
  • Earth Spirit - Great Pit B5
  • Water Spirit - Water Dragon Temple B3 (requires Jump)
  • Gold Spirit - Once you have the other 4 Spirits talk to the innermost area Faerie who keeps mentioning a prize, and they will give you the final Spirit

Once you have all 5 Spirits visit the Throne deep within the Grove and place one of each pedestal. Examine the throne to be met by the Fearie King, who gifts you the Faerie's Crown item. Your main character will also permanently gain 2 extra LP and +1 to BP regeneration.


  • You MUST obtain the Water Spirit while unlocking Strom's Den by finding the 4 Jewels. Once you have collected them and unlocked his den you will be locked out from getting the Water Spirit