Gender Unknown (Implied to be female)
Race Fairy
Class Fairy
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Fairy is a character from Romancing SaGa 3 it can be first found in the traveling freak show after the player has gotten 500+HP. Once the right amount of HP is gotten the freak show will appear in almost any town near one of its exits it is important to get Fairy as Fairy is the only one in the fairy village who tells the truth about what color butterflies to follow in the jungle to find the Fire Temple of Aunas. One can immediately get Fairy as soon as you free her provided you find both Fairy Village and Fire Temple beforehand, if one does so, she will immediately offer to join when you speak with her. Fairy is one of the fastest characters in the whole game and uses bows, spears and epees with ease. She is a great user for the ice sword because of her speed. She does have the downsides of having one locked slot, only 7 LP, and weak to anti-air waza.

In Imperial SaGa

Fairy is strong as an bull, but it is as fragile as an mosquito, and fast like one, too.In it's High Soldier counterpart, begins with only 12 defense, the lowest for an club user, and in it's King counterpart, has little difference, 18.It has bad sparking, it is rare to make it learn arts, so, the best way to make it very powerful, is to use the dojo.

Rank Weapon HP ATK DEF AGI Starting Art
High Soldier Club 176 20 12 22
King Spear 326 30 18 33 Double Stab(?)


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