The Fatestones are legendary artifacts in Romancing Saga and Romancing Saga: Minstrel Song.

Created by Elore to aid the hero Mirsa in battle against Saruin, it is now up to Aisha, Albert, Barbara, Claudia, Gray, Hawke, Jamil and Sif to obtain them.

Each Fatestone can be equipped as a weapon, piece armor or a jewel/accessory and will enhance a particular type of spell, while nulling another. When equipped, the character will recieve a +1 bonus to all stats.

List of Fatestones

Here's a list of Fatestones, their spell type, the spell type they negate, the equipment slot they occupy and the quest to obtain them.

Name Spell Type Null Type Item Type


Ruby Pyrology Hydrology Ring Theodore's Madness
Aquamarine Hydrology Pyrology Helm Find the Aquamarine
Opal Aerology Terrology Helm Silver's Treasure
Topaz Terrology Aerology Necklace Missing Taralians
Amethyst Illusion Demonology Necklace Amethyst of Vision
Emerald Demonology Illusion Helm Isle of Evil
Diamond Cosmology Sorcery Ring Unlucky Woman
Black Diamond Sorcery Cosmology Ring Underwater Temple
Moonstone Bewitchery Necromancy Glove Ailing Emperor
Obsidian Sword Necromancy Bewitchery Two-Handed Sword Frosthold Fortress