The Firebrand is a special sword kept by the Royal Family of Finney in SaGa Frontier 2. It is a Quell embued with Flame Anima, which denotes the rightful heir's and lineage of people of the family of Eugene, the ruling family in Thermes.

Firebrand Ceremony

Firebrand Ceremony

The Firebrand Ceremony

The Firebrand Ceremony is a tradition in Finney to determine the successor to the throne. All candidates for the throne must approach the Firebrand and weild it when they turn of age (approximately 7 years old). The sword channels the Anima in people and glows a brilliant red colour, indicating a worthy ruler.

Both Gustave XIII, and then later his brother Phillipe, fail the Firebrand Ceremony to be crowned King of Finney. As Gustave failed the test as a child he was unharmed, but due to the ceremony's danger for adults, Philippe was severely burned when attempting the test during "The Firebrand Tragedy (1250)". When Philippe's son, Philippe II, attempted the test he successfully lit the Firebrand, proving his worth as ruler.

However, during the close of the ceremony he is assassinated. Enraged, Philippe grabs the Firebrand and incinerates the assassin, but in doing so, engulfs himself in it's fire once more, transforming into a red dragon.