Unlimited Saga character
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Gender Male
Race Human
Age 34
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances Unlimited Saga

Francis (フランシス Furanshisu?) is a playable character from Unlimited Saga. He's an ex-Knight and a great Melee user. He has high stats all round, except in magic. He joins in Laura and Ventus's routes.

He is voiced in Japanese by Koyasu Takehito and in English by Jay Hickman.



Laura's Scenario

Francis is a knight of Escata loyal to both the House of Galeos and the royal family. He works for Basil Galeos as a personal bodyguard.

When Henri decides to travel with Laura instead of Galeos after reading the books in the Vaftom mausoleum, Galeos assigns Francis to watch over Henri and send correspondence with information about Henri's travels.

Laura accuses Francis of being a spy for Galeos, but Francis is unaware of Galeos's manipulation of Henri, and claims that he is keeping Galeos informed because Galeos is close to the royal family of which Henri is the only surviving member.

After Henri collects the Elemental Gears and gives them, along with the Blade of Escata, to Galeos, Galeos reveals that he was manipulating Henri to obtain the blade's power. Francis decides that his loyalty lies with Henri before Galeos.

Francis accompanies Henri to Nakle Lines to attempt to stop Galeos, where Galeos summons Chaos only to fall to Henri and be absorbed into Chaos. Francis assists Laura in defeating Chaos alongside Henri.

If the player loses the fight to Dagul Bos, Francis and the rest of Laura's party will end up fighting Dagul Bos at Nakle Lines instead of Basil Galeos.

Ventus's Scenario

In Ventus's scenario he appears at the beggining of the carrier mission and together with Ventus they go and catch the carriers that stole Basil Galeos' items. This recruitment is special since without a guide, not many players would figure out to do this carrier mission of all the possibilities and also because it's at the end not at all explained why Francis stays in the team.


Francis is built for Melee Arts that output the maximum damage possible. His high stats, high LP and low magic ability are ideal for tanking damage. His initial Growth Panel needs some work to maximize damage output (adding Axe and Melee panels) but the presence of a Shield Panel is a bonus.

Initial Growth Panel

Sword Arts L2
Spear Arts L1 Bow Arts
Shield Arts L2
Swimming L1 Eavesdrop L1

Initial equipment

Weapon Stone Spear: Marcasite, 37 ATK, 50 DUR
Weapon Copper Sword: 32 ATK, 55 DUR
Accessory -----
Accessory -----
Headgear -----
Body Leahter Suit: Fur, 9 DEF
Leggings Clogs: Cedar, 2 DEF

Making parameters

Strength 4 Fire 2
Skill 4 Earth 2
Spirit 5 Metal 2
Magic 1 Water 1
Endurance 4 Wood 3

Initial parameters

Strength 15 Fire 8
Skill 17 Earth 4
Spirit 14 Metal 10
Magic 7 Water 5
Endurance 18 Wood 7
Hit Points 164 Weight 82 kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery D
Life Points 19

Battle Quotes

  • First battle (Laura's Scenario) “Your Highness, Please, allow me.”
  • First battle (Ventus'es Scenario) “I’ll teach you a lesson.”
  • New monster “You’ll never know an enemies true power until you face it.”
  • Fight won (easy) “I must find stronger enemies.”
  • Fight won (personal) “There, That’ll do.”
  • Fight won (someone else) "Thank you everyone!"
  • Death (someone else) “I will not let you die in vain!”
  • 5 Hit combo (initiate) “I could do this myself but...”
  • 5 Hit combo (middle) “Come on!”
  • 5 Hit combo (end) “Ha, that was a good fight.”
  • Hiddle encounter “You seem a worthy opponent.”
  • Final battle (Laura's Scenario) “I never thought I'd raise my sword to YOU."
  • Final battle (Ventus'es Scenario) ????
  • Spring trap: "Look out!"
  • Evade trap: "That trap was too easy."
  • Hurt by trap: "Take the pain!"
  • Skill attempt: "I shall prevail"
  • Skill failure: "Give me another chance!"
  • Skill success: "Action is stronger than words!"

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Other appearances

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game

Francis appears as an obtainable card.


  • Francis is quite special considering that regardless of being a secondary character, he did visit Nakle Lines with Basil Galeos. Also he does appear during Laura's ending.
  • Francis's battle quote against Chaos in Laura's story implies he may have knowledge as to the origins of Chaos, the game's final boss. However, he may have been referring to the power of The Seven Wonders, rather than Chaos specifically, at the time.


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