Frontier is a region of Mardias in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.

An underdeveloped but fast growing country, containing many small settlements and ancient evils from the time of antiquity. Access to and from Frontier can be achieved thanks to the construction of New Road.

This part of the world cannot be reached, unless you play as Barbara or recruit her.


  • Weston - The largest Frontier town, sitting at the south of the region at the end of New Road
  • New Road - A vast roadway connecting Frontier to Kjaraht
  • Yassi - A tiny settlement suspended over a gorge
  • Saoki - Little more than an outpost, ravaged by constant attack
  • Yassi Cavern - Water logged cave system near the village of Yassi
  • Saoki Cavern - A cavern near to Saoki, which is home to all the monsters that ravage the village.
  • Vampire's Den - Home to a group of vampires who once plagued Estamir, but now infect the nearby the Yassi settlements.
  • Jewel Beast's Lair - Home of Jewel Beast
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