Gadeira is a port town in Unlimited Saga and the starting location of Kurt. It is a wealthy town watched over by the Gadeira Knighthood lead by Lord Maximillian Burgundy. It is just north of the Isle of Elve and offers passage to Vaftom by ship. Because of this, Carriers frequently pass through Gadeira. Here, Carriers are required to pay a tax in the form of a Carriers' toll to fund the knighthood.

Gadeira offers a range of adventures, a shop with a wide selection of items, a branch of the Carrier's Guild, and an excellent Blacksmith workshop. It is also home to the Burgundy family estate and other wealthy estates. Gadeira also has a temple to train knights.

Just outside of Gadeira is the Sevenfold Tail, a tourist attraction featuring seven unique and beautiful waterfalls.


  • The Seahawk Inn - A clean, tidy inn decorated with potted plants under a sunroof. The patrons of the inn and the shop enjoy talking about the knighthood.
  • Blacksmith - Gadeira's blacksmith deals in daggers, swords, axes, staves, spears, and shields. It specializes in increasing the durability of equipment.
  • Carrier's Guild


  • The Three Keys - "An isolated house far from town. This was the mansion of an aristocrat known for his eccentricities. Now, left unattended without an owner, it is known as Monster Manor"
  • Pirates Invitation - "An invitation from a pirate: Come to Solitary Isle"
  • The Sevenfold Tail - "Cross the windy and treacherous Sevenfold Tail"
  • Legendary Leviathan - "Catch the Legendary Leviathan in Phantom Lake, beyond the mountains"
  • Seven Waterfalls - "Cross the windy and treacherous Sevenfold Tail"