Status Portrait RoSaMinGalahad
Japanese name ガラハド
Romaji Garahado
Voice actor(s)
Hiroshi Matsumoto
Voice actor(s)
Gender Male
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Birthplace Rosalia
Starting Class Rosalian Officer
Location(s) Crystal City (Temple of Mirsa), Altours
Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Character

Galahad is a minor character in Romancing SaGa and Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.


  • Gray's Scenario: Starting character
  • Other scenario: Recruitable from inside the Temple of Mirsa, Crystal City

Initial Attributes

HP 170 LP 18
STR 11 VIT 11

Default Equipment

Weapon Single Sword Shield Great Shield
Head -- Chest Gothic Armor
Hands -- Feet --
Neck -- Ring --

Background and Story

Galahad is a Rosalian Officer and paladin, with a strong sense of justice and right. Due to his righteous and noble attitude, he can always be found inside the Temple of Mirsa in the Crystal City.

The only exception to this is when he obtains the "Ice Sword" during the quest of the same name. He will always purchase it before you can (thought there is a trick to obtaining without ever giving him the chance), and you must find a way to obtain it from him: by purchase, recruiting or killing him.



  • If Gray is picked as the main character, Galahad and Myriam start out in Gray's party on Ligau Isle.
  • If you have a spare slot in your party during the "Ice Sword" quest Galahad can join (depending on your alignment to the Gods), thus obtaining the sword for free.
  • Killing Galahad over the Ice Sword will have a large impact on your alignment towards Evil. It will be doubled if you had him once in your party.
  • In "A Bard's Tale", it's mentioned that Gray kills Galahad for the sword during the Obsidian Sword portion of the story and was brought back to life, since he is in the same party at the time. He even says they could have negotiated given that they worked together before.
  • Oddly enough, Galahad's concept art shows him using a gun and small knife, though his default battle style is that of Two-Handed Swords. Since no playable character uses guns in battle, this discrepancy is never explained.
  • In Romancing Saga, Galahad has a full head of hair.
  • He and Gian share the same sprite in Romancing Saga.