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The "Gold Ingot Trick" is a well known trick from SaGa Frontier, used for quick money-raising. It is the best way for raising money in the game, as the money dropped from enemies is very low, and there are only two shops in the entire game that buy things, but they only buy specific items. This "exploit" is a result of an oversight by the game developers who were trying to make a system where the price of the Gold Ingots would be based on supply and demand.

How to do it

  • You must first accumulate at least 15000 credits (it can't be done with less);
  • Travel to Nelson, and on the first building talk to the guy in the corner. Use all your money to buy Gold Ingots (500 each);
  • Now travel back to Koorong and enter the first building. Talk to the guy and choose to sell gold;
  • Now, simply hold "down" on the controller (you will notice the price of gold dropping). DO NOT CONFIRM THE SELL!
  • Now, hold "up" on the controller. After you have all god ingots back, you will notice the initial value of gold is higher than it was;
  • Again hold "down", but this time confirm the sell.
  • By now, you can go back and forth between Nelson and Koorong to repeat the trick. It is possible to raise up to ~50000 credits using this trick.