Humans, Espers, and Monsters

Makai Toushi SaGa uses a guild system (ffl) allowing the player to select from a variety of characters, each with their own strengths and flaws. This customization of a party either reduces or adds to the challenge of the game. Characters are revived at the House of Life, but each revive from there requires a Heart. At any point you can replace dead characters at the guild, except your first selected character.

There are three races of characters.

  • Human - They have no magical capabilities and must buy their upgrades, as they only develop by drinking potions of HP, strength, and agility that boost the respective stats. The main difference between the two genders are that males have a higher STR stat while females have a higher AGI stat.
  • Mutants/Espers - They grow naturally and are the only ones to use magic. They also learn magic and various skills at random, but they can disappear as quickly as they come. They cannot use the stat upgrade items that humans need, though.
  • Monsters - A player can start out as a variety of monsters, or recruit one. They do not develop by normal means, instead transforming into stronger or weaker monsters by eating the meat that is sometimes dropped after battle. Depending on what kind of monster the eater is and what kind of monster the meat consists of affects what the resulting monster will be.

Beginning Guild

Unlike other guilds, the player can only select one character from this guild and never visit it again. After selecting the character, the character cannot be replaced for the rest of the game. They tend to run a little more powerful then the Tower Town Guild.

Human M HP: 60 Str. 8 Def. 1 Agl. 4 Mana 0
Item: Long Sword, Bronze Glove
Human F HP 60 Str. 4 Def. 1 Agl. 8 Mana 0
Item: Saber, Bronze Glove
Mutant M HP 40 Str. 8 Def. 0 Agl. 4 Mana 6
Ability: Stealth Item: Long Sword
Mutant F HP 40 Str. 4 Def. 0 Agl. 8 Def. 6
Ability: Stealth Item: Saber
Clipper HP: 20 Str. 4 Def. 9 Agl. 7 Mana 6
Abilitys: Pincer, X Ice
Redbull HP: 60 Str. 8 Def. 7 Agl. 5 Mana 4
Ability: Horn, XIce
Wererat HP: 40 Str. 8 Def. 4 Agl. 5 Mana 7
Ability: Tusk
Zombie HP: 60 Str. 9 Def. 4 Agl. 3 Mana 6
Ability: Nail, OPara, XFire

Tower Town Guild

The Tower Town Guild is found after beginning the game, making it possible to fill all empty slots. When one of these characters die, they can be replaced at the guild or revived.

Human M HP: 40 Str. 7 Def. 0 Agl. 3 Mana 0
Item: Hammer
Human F HP 40 Str. 3 Def. 0 Agl. 0 Mana 0
Item: Rapier
Mutant M HP 20 Str. 7 Def. 0 Agl. 3 Mana 5
Item: Hammer
Mutant F HP 20 Str. 3 Def. 0 Agl. 7 Def. 5
Item: Rapier
Lizard HP: 40 Str. 5 Def. 7 Agl. 4 Mana 2
Abilitys: Bite, X Ice
Skeleton HP: 20 Str. 5 Def. 2 Agl. 4 Mana 7
Albatros HP: 20 Str. 6 Def. 3 Agl. 9 Mana 4
Ability: Beak OQuake
Goblin HP: 20 Str. 9 Def. 6 Agl. 4 Mana 3
Ability: Nail
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