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Japanese name ホーク
Romaji Hooku
Voice actor(s)
Unshou Ishizuka
Voice actor(s)
Gerald C. Rivers
Gender Male
Height 188 cm
Weight 97 kg
Birthplace Coral Sea
Starting Class Pirate
Location(s) Uso
Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Character

Hawke is one of the 8 main protagonists in Romancing SaGa and it's remake Romancing SaGa: Ministrel Song.


  • Hawke's Scenario: Main Character
  • Other Scenarios: Playable character, recruitable from Uso

Note: Recruiting Hawke unlocks Northpoint and Godongo. The easiest way to unlock Uso to reach Hawke is to recruit Gray or Barbara.

Initial Attributes

HP 125 LP 14
DEX 13 AGI 12

Default Equipment

Weapon Fleuret, Hand Axe Shield Buckler
Head Sailor's Bandana Chest Leather Jerkin
Hands Leather Gloves Legs Leather Boots
Neck -- Ring --


Hawke is a rather odd character. He has the high HP and Vitality growth of a physical attacker, mixed in with the Agility and Dexterity growth of a rogue. He also has the ability "Hawke Blade" pre-learned. His LP is extremely high and his Magic is fair.

His high base stats make him the best starting character after Albert. To offset his powerful base stats, Hawke's Willpower and Compassion grow very slowly, making him a useless healer, and his defense weak against magic-using enemies. Hawe can fulfill practically any combat role proficiently, but his high Dexterity and Agility make the rogue build the easiest for him to pull off.

Background and Story

Captain Hawke is a famous pirate from the Coral Sea. He and his crew sailed aboard the "Lady Luck". At Pirate Coast, he challenged Butcher, another pirate who would say to settle the fight outside on Mask Isle to resolve a dispute. Upon arriving, It turns out the battle was just a ruse to sell out Hawke's location to the Bafal Empire. Enraged, he returned to Pirate Coast to challenge Butcher, but most of the Pirates sided against Hawke, chasing him away. With no where else to go he eventually got caught in a storm and got shipwrecked on Walon Isle.

His ending will be altered depending if you defeat Butcher during the Pirate Invasion of Melvir and choose to Pursue him. (Only Hawke will be able to do this)

All of Hawke's unique cutscenes.


  • During the "Ancient Text" quest, if you have a spare slot in your party, you can recruit Hawke and get the map for free. Otherwise you will have to pay him.