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"A book recording the history of the Empire."
—Manual Description

The Imperial Log is exclusive to remastered version of Romancing SaGa 2. It is a recollection of events. It contains a summary of the events that have transpired in the game that relate to the main story and seen events. The Imperial Log is divided into several regions.

It can be accessed from the home Menu screen. Question marks in the list signify an unvisited region or an event that has yet to happen.

It it unknown whether it carries over to New Game+ in recent version.

North Varennes

Event Description
Prologue Leon takes his second son, Gerard, to vanquish foes of little repute. Unbeknownst to them, it was the first skirmish in a long war that would span generations.
Gerard's First Battle Emperor Leon brings the second prince, Gerard, to the Sealed Cave to best threats. Gerard is to learn from combat before the retinue heads back to Avalon.
Mysterious Mage After returning from the Sealed Cave, the eldest son, Victor, suggests that combat does not befit Gerard. A female seer makes her way to the castle, interrupting the exchange, and two princes leave the room.
Long Audience The throne room is closed off because an audience is being held. The time should be spent exploring the palace and the royal capital while the Emperor speaks with the seer. Their conversation seems to be quite grave.
Watchman Nest Having spoken with the seer, Emperor Leon takes his son Gerard to hunt more villains. The target is holed up deep in the depths of the Watchman Nest.
Attack on the Empire The Watchmen have fallen. Emperor Leon returns to Avalon only to find his soldiers and son Victor slain by someone claiming to be Kzinssie, one of the Seven Heroes.
Avenge the Late Prince Vowing to avenge his son, the Emperor summons the female seer to the castle once again. She knows something about Kzinssie of the Seven Heroes, who is currently in Somon.
Emperor Leon's Resolve Emperor Leon and his retinue had the edge against Kzinssie. Yet at the decisive moment, the "hero" used arcane magic to rip the life from Leon's mortal frame.
Secret of Inheritance Before fighting Kzinssie, the seer taught Leon the art of Inheritance, allowing one with a strong force of will to pass on their own memories and skills to another. Emperor Leon gave his own life to figure out how to counter Soulsteal so that Gerard could fight Kzinssie. After inheriting his father's powers, Gerard rose to take on his role as the new Emperor.
A New Era In an attempt to take advantage of the former Emperor's death, the goblins attack the Imperial capital. Yet Gerard stands at the ready, leading the charge against the encroaching horde.
Raid of the Goblins In order to ensure the safety of the Empire, the Emperor decrees that besting the goblins in their hideaway takes precedence over Kzinssie...for now.
Secure the Rear The Emperor takes the head of the goblin king back to Avalon as a trophy. The immediate threat to the Empire has been culled.
Somon Revisited The Emperor defends the Imperial capital and vows to make Kzinssie pay for his crimes. The hero resides in Somon, gloating over his previous victory.
The Parting Threat Kzinssie is defeated and Somon freed from the grip of evil. The oppression of North Varennes ends, and the road to South Varennes is free to traverse. Yet Kzinssie's parting soliloquy- biding time until his power is at its zenith- trouble the emperor. Is the hero's revenge only a matter of time? Can his ascension be prevented?
A New Imperial Age It has been one year since Leon and his son Victor passed away. Gerard has dealt with numerous domestic conflicts, and the time to act is nigh. For the glory of Avalon!
Canal Rights Someone has been restricting access to the Victor Canal in South Varennes and built a fortress in the area. If this area can be liberated, it would serve as a foothold to other parts of the world.
Ludon's Gemstone Mine There are rumors of a mine with precious gems somewhere in Ludon. While the veracity of these claims is not yet confirmed, perhaps the wealth there could boost the Empire's coffers.
Constructing a Lab The Emperor suggests that a research laboratory be built to develop magic spells. The treasurer confirms that it would cost a total of one million crowns to complete. The Emperor decides to build the laboratory. Yet as the story goes, Avalon was not built in a day.
Lab Complete! The woodland to the northwest is ready for development, and the laboratory has finally been completed.
Constructing a Univ. The Emperor suggests that a university be built to nurture talented individuals. The treasurer confirms that it would cost a total of two million crowns to complete. The Emperor decides to build the university. Yet as the story goes, Avalon was not built in a day.
University Complete! The woodland to the west is ready for development, and the university has finally been completed.
Improving Enrollment Troubled by a decline in students, the professors request that the Emperor enrolls in the university in order to inspire others to join.
A Hard Rule The Emperor agrees to enroll at the Imperial University. University rules restrict the Emperor from leaving until the graduation exam is passed!
The Graduation Exam The Emperor passes the exam, and all expect increased enrollment.
Packed University As the rumor of the Emperor's attendance spread, new students flocked to the university. The hope is to find talented indidivuals to help govern the country.
Hidden Potential The Emperor meets an interesting fellow in one of the Imperial University's break rooms. He is not keen on physical labor, but has brains where he lacks brawn.
Cultivating an Orchard The Emperor suggest an orchard be planted to contribute to the Imperial reserve and the overall beautification of the land. The treasurer confirms that it would cost a total of 300,000 crowns. The Emperor decides to plant the orchard. Yet as the story goes, Avalon was not built in a day.
Orchard Complete! The woodland to the southwest has been made available for development, and the orchard has been completed.
Expanding the Orchard The Emperor considers expanding the orchard to increase the Empire's revenue. The treasurer confirms that it would cost a total of 500,000 crowns. The Emperor decides to expand the orchard. Yet as the story goes, Avalon was not built in a day.
New Longsword 3 R&D A smith asks for a fatestone in order to develop a new longsword. The latest arms and armaments are a must for any discerning emperor. The emperor approves. The smiths seem more fired up than usual.
New Longsword 3 Done The Emperor receives a new longsword- The Sevens Sword. Unfortunately, it cannot be mass produced like other swords.
New Club R&D A smith asks for 400,000 crowns in order to develop a new club. The latest arms and armaments are a must for any discerning emperor. The Emperor approves. The smith says it will take some time before the new club is complete.
New Club Done The Emperor receives a prototype of the new club-the battlehammer. It will require quite some time for this weapon to be mass produced and used by the people.
New Spear R&D A smith asks for 400,000 crowns in order to develop a new spear. The latest arms and armaments are a must for any discerning emperor. The Emperor approves. The smith says it will take some time before the new spear is complete.

South Varennes


Event Description
Mine Your Manners The Emperor hears about the Gemstone Mine to the west from a Tefal resident. There are still gems left in the mine, but monsters roam the area, making access difficult.
Securing New Funds The Emperor defeats the fiends and their leader in the Gemstone Mine to secure a new source of revenue.
Ludon Highlands Road An old woman in Tefal tells the Emperor about a road that leads to the Ludon Highlands in the south. Getting past these highlands is the key to establishing a new foothold.
A Beautiful Lake An old woman in Tefal tells the Emperor about the beautiful Lake Aqua in the Ludon Highlands. There appears to be something there, but the Emperor failed to learn more.
A Nereid's Request The Emperor gets to the first location on the list for the Mermaid Potion: Lake Aqua. The Emperor reaches for the water, but the Nereid who live there weren't too happy with this gesture. They offer the Emperor some water only if the Emperor brings a Moonlight Comb in order to purify the water of the lake. Where in the world can the Emperor find someone who can make such an ornate object?
Trail to Chalier The Emperor hears about a road that leads to Cape Chalier from someone in Tefal's pub. However, the road is rugged and full of beasts, making it difficult for anyone to use it.
Abnormal Identity The magic stone in the depths of the Gemstone Mine absorbed the life force from the miners, causing them to faint! The Emperor destroys the magic stone, causing the monsters to disappear from the Gemstone Mine, making it accessible.
The Remnants The magic stone that struck fear into the hearts of the people still had some remnant power even after being crushed. The Emperor decides to take a fragment.


North Longit

South Longit



Comroon Island


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