Iskandaria is a location in Unlimited Saga. It is named after the hero Iskandar and is one of the few locations with a Magick Shop. Despite its size and reputation it has no blacksmiths, but it has some of the best equipment on sale and contains the entrance to Undercity Pharos.


  • The Dixon Inn
  • Mindu's Magical Instruments
  • Abandoned Fortress - Entrance to Undercity Pharos


  • The Cavern of Murals - "Caves with lifelike murals. Rumour has it that secret treasures lie within"
  • Desert Mirage - "A mirage. Is it a figment of the imagination... or is there something on the other side of the desert?"


  • The entrance to Undercity Pharos and can be accessed at any time without a quest (expect when playing as Ruby, then Iskandar shall force Ruby to head back, saying it's not time yet). However, it is only truly accessable by Ruby, Mythe and Ventus as the majority of the structure is hidden behind giant doors that cannot be opened by anyone else' other than Silver Girl and Iskandar.