Jamil RS1
Status Portrait {{{Portait}}}
Japanese name ジャミル
Romaji Jaamiru
Voice actor(s)
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Voice actor(s)
Ted Sroka
Gender Male
Height 171 cm
Weight 57 kg
Birthplace South Estamir
Starting Class Thief
Location(s) Altours, Bruelle, Tarmitta, Yeoville
Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Character

Jamil is one of the 8 main characters in Romancing SaGa and its remake Romancing SaGa: Ministrel Song.


  • Jamil's Scenario: Main character
  • Other Scenario: Playable character, recruitable from Altours, Bruelle, Tarmitta or Yeoville, as long as the player does not have Dowd in his/her party. The one exception to this happens when the player plays as a female character. Jamil stays in Farah's house after that, and if a player does afterwards recruit Dowd, Jamil will remain there, giving you a chance to recruit both into the same party, however disbanding any of both will make you lose any chance of getting them back together.

Note: Recruiting Jamil unlocks South Estamir and North Estamir. The easiest way to recruit Jamil would be to first recruit Barbara, as she does unlock Tarmitta, which is one of the harder places to unlock.

Initial Attributes

HP 65 LP 12
DEX 13 AGI 9

Default Equipment

Weapon Rapier Shield --
Head Cap Chest Shirt
Hands -- Feet Long Boots
Neck -- Ring Ring of Protection

Background and Story

Jamil, a young man living in South Estamir, goes through his life stealing things from unsuspecting city folk and sharing the wealth with his friends Dowd and Farah.

After Farah's mother sends Jamil out to rescue her from a loan shark, the thief realizes he must dress up as a woman to gain access to where Farah is being held.

All of Jamil's unique cutscenes: Part 1, Part 2


Jamil starts out arguably the best-armed, with a very powerful Foil as well as an accessory that increases the rate at which Jamil can deflect attacks.

Jamil's high Agility and Dexterity growth make him a nimble sprite that becomes quite deadly with a Foil or Bow in his hands. His Magic is also fair.

Conversely, he has VERY low Endurance, Willpower, and HP; making him unable to withstand a lot of punishment from both weapons and Magic attacks. He also has low Compassion, making him a rather weak healer.

It's best to play Jamil to his strengths; as they are all he's really got.


  • Jamil cannot be recruited to another protagonist's party if Dowd is already part of the same party.
  • If Dowd is killed in the Assasin's guild quest during Jamil's playthrough, the player will be able to recruit Dowd in other playthroughs with different characters.
  • Jamil was featured in the A-Lim mobile game Brave Frontier as part of a crossover promotion. His appearance is based on his original design.

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