Jeanne Maure

Dame Jeanne Maure (ジーン・ムーア?), also known as Jeanne (ジーン?), is one of the primary antagonists from Unlimited Saga. She is a a temple knight. Despite her young age, she restlessly pursues the ideals of the hero Iskandar and eventually becomes obsessed with conquering The Seven Wonders and bringing about a new Golden Age herself. She is the semi-final boss of Ruby's story, accompanied by four Temple Guards.





She makes a small appearence in Ventus' quest as is the Knight in charge of guarding the Dragonheart in the Knight's Mausoleum at Vaftom.


As a Boss

Jeanne Maure's Temple Knights (Who are recolors of the Assassins in Leith Torles' Tower) do much of her fighting for her, as such, the female knight herself doesn't act too much.

The Knights have 4 abilities which all of them share: Fire Arrows, Purify, Slice (their basic attack) and Shoulder Tackle (which can Stun a character). The Knights are rather weak, and serve more as meat shields for Jeanne than bosses for Ruby's party. They tend to act defensively, using Purify more than any other ability in their arsenal. The Knights have 10 LP each.

Jeanne Maure has three attacks that she uses: Thrust, Hundred Flowers and the Fire spell Holy Seal.

Jeanne loves to chain her Thrusts together, and has a tendency to sneak Holy Seal into combos her Knights make. Hundred Flowers is her ultimate attack. It deals low HP damage, but can wreak havoc on a character's LP without proper protection. It's blockable, however.

A strategy that makes this battle easy is to focus purely on Jeanne herself, ignoring the Knights entirely. This makes you more vulnerable to the Knights' attacks, but will bring the battle to a swifter end, saving you LP in the process.

The moment Jeanne is defeated, her Knights will be killed instantly, regardless of the situation.


Starter quote: "For the future of the Knighthood! For the dreams of Iskandar! Give your all!"

First attack: "Wicked ones! Taste my sword of righteousness!"

After five turns: "You have fought well up till now. I commend you."

After ten turns: "I will purge these defiled souls!"

After fifteen turns: "I shall continue my advance....Over your corpses....AHAHAHAHA!"

Winning against party: "Did you think you could stop my ideals with THAT level of power!?"

Defeat: "I am the Chosen One.....Only I can....bring iskandar's fruition....Ugh!"

For all the lines of the character, go here:


  • Oddly enough, she seems blissfully unaware that despite fighting for his ideals, she is fighting Iskandar himself, (since he is in Ruby's party) or she simply doesn't care.
  • It might sound like a stretch, but she could be a reference to Joan of Arc . This could be the case give how many references to various legendary or famous historical figures there are in this game.


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