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US Josef Artwork
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 77
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances Unlimited Saga

Josef (ジョーゼフ Jyōzefu?) is a playable character from Unlimited Saga. He's the father of Rebecca and grandfather of Judy. He joins in Judy and Kurt's routes.

He is voiced in Japanese by Kashī Shōto and in English by Marty Fleck.



Josef owns and runs the Magick Emporium in Sadovos. He is the grandfather of Judy, Marie and Roy, and father of Rebecca. He has strong magical power and has accumulated many artifacts over his years studying the arcance arts. He has a pre-existing acquaintance with both Clyde Blackstorm and Yun Crimsonrain though not much is known about the history of their relationships. In Judy's quest Josef is trapped inside a mirror by Clyde who is after a special power.

In Kurt's quest, Josef is fascinated by the gauntlet and wants to learn more about it. Similary to what happens in Mythe's scenario, but there Mythe is far more decisive.


Josef has very little LP but with his Arcane Tongue panel and 3 Magic Tablets is it no doubt he excels at Magic, especially Fire and Earth. He also has a high Skill stat, should the player wish for him to defend himself. He should be wielding a Bow or Dagger, should this be the case. He is extremely frail, so try to keep him at the back of the current action lineup, to make him less of a target.

Initial Growth Panel

Magic Tablet L4 Arcane Tongue L3
Iron Will
Master Magician L1 Magic Tablet L3
Magic Tablet L2 Staff Arts L1

Initial equipment

Weapon Bestial Staff: Carnelian, 15 ATK, 50 DUR
Weapon ----
Accessory Bestial Armlet: Opal, 30 DUR
Accessory Bestial Armlet: Ravenite, 30 DUR
Headgear -----
Body Topaz Mail: 15 DEF
Leggings Socks: Cotton, 1 DEF

Making parameters

Strength 1 Fire 3
Skill 4 Earth 3
Spirit 3 Metal 2
Magic 4 Water 2
Endurance 3 Wood 1

Initial parameters

Strength 14 Fire 23
Skill 22 Earth 17
Spirit 8 Metal 14
Magic 14 Water 21
Endurance 17 Wood 15
Hit Points 480 Weight 31 kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery D
Life Points 7

Battle Quotes

For all the lines to listen to, go here:



  • He is the only party member who is forced into the player's party at any time, who joins just before Judy's final boss battle.
  • He's the shortest party member, but likely this is due to his age.
  • His Holy Seal spell likely was given to him since the start to make him of any use during Judy's final battle.
  • According to the game guide, the magic tablet of the forbidden spell in the game is the same thing as that Clyde has been seeking for. In other word, the forbidden spell really exists. That doesn't match Josef's words, "that kind of spell have never existed". He suggests that every magic tablet can become the forbidden one. It may confirm his words that almost all Lv.4 magic tablets have some forbidden magic.

According to the game guide, an effect of Josef's defensive art depends on a target's magical strength and a comprehensive ability. That's the reason why Thomas without magical ability was transported further than Judy who could use magic.


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