Unlimited Saga character
ジュディ (Jyudi?)
US Judy
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 10
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Appearances Unlimited Saga
Imperial SaGa
"The youngest child of a wizard's family. Vibrant and hard-working, she already controls three familiars. Has a tendancy to overwork. She always says: "Just leave everything to me! When her grandfather's friend visits, the trouble begins..."

Judy (ジュディ Jyudi?) is one of the main protagonists in Unlimited Saga and is also one of the youngest playable characters. She joins Judy and Laura's routes.

She is voiced in Japanese by Inoku Chiyuka and in English by Hilary Haag.





Judy comes from a prestigious family of wizards. When Clyde Blackstorm shows up at her grandpa's magic shop, her grandfather becomes trapped in a mirror. As another safety measure, Josef activates a spell that teleports all people within the shop to far off distances, depending on the magical skill level of the person. Since Judy is not all that skilled with magic, she remains in Sadovos. Judy goes on a journey to find the rest of her family to save her grandpa.

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Judy is similar to Josef, being somewhat frail, yet skilled with Bows, Daggers, and Guns. Her Skill and Magic are extremely high, so these stats should be focused on. Surprisingly, she also starts out with a high Endurance, so good Armor may keep her alive longer. She also has a low Weight, so she is easy to rescue if incapacitated, but due to her minimal Strength rating is not suitable for even Light Melee Arts.

Initial Growth Panel

Magic Tablet L2

Initial equipment

Weapon Bestial Staff: Carnelian, 15 ATK, 50 DUR
Weapon Silver Circos: Silver, 20 DEF, 50 DUR
Accessory Bestial Armlet: Ravenite, 40 DUR
Accessory Feather Amrlet: Feather, 50 DUR
Headgear Bandana: Cotton, 1 DEF
Body Cloth Armor: Silk, 6 DEF
Leggings Socks: Cotton, 1 DEF

Making parameters

Strength 1 Fire 3
Skill 5 Earth 3
Spirit 2 Metal 1
Magic 5 Water 2
Endurance 5 Wood 3

Initial parameters

Strength 3 Fire 8
Skill 6 Earth 6
Spirit 2 Metal 10
Magic 6 Water 4
Endurance 8 Wood 9
Hit Points 48 Weight 18 kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery C
Life Points 10

Playable characters

When playing as Judy, you can recruit the following chactaters:

  • Kurt- A former knight. Joins once Judy enters Jade Forest.
  • Thomas- Judy's father. Joins Judy in Serin, but the two get separated shortly thereafter while traversing the Vale of Swords.
  • Armand- The leader of a small pack of bandits. He joins after the "Save Ursula!" quest.
  • Roy- Judy's older brother. He joins after the events in the Bandit's hideout.
  • Nuage- A carrier. Joins when Judy travels to Vaftom.
  • Marie- Judy's older sister. Joins in the Creepy Magic Tablet quest.
  • Rebecca- Judy's mother. Joins the team during a battle in the Escata Tower.
  • Josef- Judy's grandfather, a powerful magician. He joins Judy right before her final boss battle.


  • First battle (Judy's Scenario) "Leave everything to me."
  • First battle (Lura's Scenario) "Please don't get in my way!"
  • New monster "Hmm, haven't seen you before."
  • Fight won (Personal) "That was easy, but I've got to stay sharp!"
  • Fight won (someone else) "That was so awesome!"
  • Guckie encounter "How Cute!"
  • Death (Self) "I guess I.....couldn't do it.....after all."
  • Death (Thomas) "Daddy!!!"
  • Death (Rebecca) "Mommy!"
  • Death (Josef) "Grandpa!"
  • 5 Hit combo (initiate) "Help me everybody!"
  • Final battle (Judy's Scenario)
  • Final battle (Laura's Scenario) "OH five spirits that rule the world, GIVE ME STRENGTH!"
  • Spring trap: "Yikes, look out!"
  • Evade trap: ???
  • Hurt by trap: "Owww, that hurt!"

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Other appearances

Imperial SaGa

Judy appears as an obtainable character.

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game

Judy appears as an obtainable card.



  • In Laura's scenario Judy seems to also be looking for her family, but her own scenario is the only one where any of her family members join up.
  • Judy's is the only story is which the player's final party line-up is forcibly changed. When playing the final quest, Josef (her grandfather) is automatically placed in the party at the beginning, removing the tail-end member of the team.
  • According to the game guide, an effect of Josef's defensive art depends on a target's magical strength and a comprehensive ability. That's the reason why Thomas without magical ability was transported further than Judy who could use magic.


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