King of Armor is an NPC found in the 1st world of the Tower in Makai Toushi SaGa.


In the world controlled by Genbuu, the Armor of the Hero have been removed from the great statue it once adorned. Three King's each own a piece and believe in the legend that whoever owns all three pieces will have the power to rule the world, an have fought each other for years for the other pieces. The heroes learn that in order to gain entrance to the tower, they would need the Black Sphere hidden within the Hero Statue.

The King of Armor is the least interested in the conflict, instead his heart lies in a young beauty who lives in a hamlet south of his kingdom. Learning the heroes wish to have his King's Armor, he strikes a deal with them. He would hand over the armor in exchange for the heroes bringing the young maiden to him.

The heroes travel to the village to discover that said beauty is actually a monster Slime and that she has caught the attention of a group of bandits who live in the caves nearby. After felling the bandits, they bring the girl to the King of Armor, who is overjoyed when she accepts his offer to stay with him. He hands the heroes the King's Armor and bids them farewell as he spends time with his new love.

Once the party has defeated Ashura and fallen back to the base of the Tower, the King of Armor and his bride are there to encourage them to seek Paradise.

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