King of Shield is a minor NPC in the first world of Makai Toushi SaGa.


In the world controlled by Genbuu, the Armor of the Hero have been removed from the great statue it once adorned. Three King's each own a piece and believe in the legend that whoever owns all three pieces will have the power to rule the world, an have fought each other for years for the other pieces. The heroes learn that in order to gain entrance to the tower, they would need the Black Sphere hidden within the Hero Statue.

Likely the first of the King's the player will encounter. He is paranoid about people coming to steal his King's Shield. His guards will kick out any intruders they find on the premise and both he and his Steward will ask the heroes to leave when spoken to.

Once the heroes have gained the Sword and Armor, they return to the King of Shield's palace only to find that he has been betrayed and murdered by his Steward, who planned on taking his piece of the armor set for himself. The Steward planned on framing the heroes for the crime before they catch up with him in a secret passage and fight him for the shield. With the Steward dead, and the King's Armor complete, the heroes return to the Hero Statue to claim the Black Sphere.

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