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Japanese name キャッシュ
Romaji Kyasshu (Cash)
Voice actor(s)
Sasaki Takeshi
Voice actor(s)
James Marshall
Joins Kurt, Judy
Gender Male
Age 32
Unlimited Saga Character

Kurt Burgundy (known as 'Cash' in the Japanese version) is one of the main protagonists in Unlimited Saga.

"The eldest son of Lord Burgundy. He leaves home to travel around the world and gather great knowledge for mankind. A bit too serious and earnest at times. Suffers from a cursed gauntlet on his arm"


  • Kurt's Scenario: Main Character
  • Judy's Scenario: Playable Character, joins right when the first quest starts.
  • Ventus' Scenario: Even when playing as Ventus, Kurt does help him out during the festival.


Kurt Burgundy is one of the three sons of Maximillian Burgundy. He abandoned knighthood and hence lost the right to be called a Burgundy, to uncover the mysteries of his Cursed Gauntlet. He begins his journey in the city of Gadeira, where he seeks to find people with enough knowledge to understand, and ultimately dispell, the Gauntlet.

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The Cursed Gauntlet prevents any remarkable abilities (especially in Judy's scenario where you cannot upgrade it), as do Kurt's appalling stats. He has weak growth in pretty much all areas, but can be molded into using Water and Fire Magic as well as some good damage with Axe attacks. He is actually quite a poor melee character, lacking the Strength needed to do significant damage, in comparison to other people you will have in your party.

It's best to see Kurt as the most balanced character; he has no specialties, but also no faults.

Initial Growth Panel

Sword Arts L2 Gauntlet L1 Inconspicious L2
Road Guide L1 Defuse

Initial equipment

Weapon Copper Sword: 32 ATK, 50 DUR
Weapon ----
Accessory -----
Accessory -----
Headgear -----
Body Cloth Armor: Silk, 6 DEF
Leggings Boots: Snakeskin, 3 DEF

Making parameters

Strength 2 Fire 3
Skill 2 Earth 1
Spirit 2 Metal 1
Magic 3 Water 3
Endurance 3 Wood 2

Initial parameters

Strength 7 Fire 8
Skill 5 Earth 5
Spirit 9 Metal 3
Magic 9 Water 5
Endurance 18 Wood 11
Hit Points 190 Weight 75 kg

Constant parameters

HP Recovery A
Life Points 17

Playable characters

When playing as Kurt, you can recruit the following characters:

  • Ventus - A young carrier. Joins Kurt when his first quest starts.
  • Armand - The leader of a small pack of bandits. He joins when Kurt heads to save him.
  • Platyphyllum - A member of the Lillian tribe. Joins when Kurt travels through the forest. He/She's familiar with the gauntlet.
  • Josef - Judy's grandfather, a powerful magician. Joins Kurt when he visits his shop in Sadovos. He's familiar with the gauntlet.
  • Norff - A magician in training. He'll join once Kurt visits Yun Crimsonrain's magic shop in Loch Vaan.
  • Mordeus - A deathseeking mercanary. Joins during the Monster Hunters quest.
  • Edel - Kurt's old blind friend. Joins after the quest in Kimbali.
  • Hiro - Brings Kurt a message during the Festival of Regina Leone in Vaftom.

Battle Quotes

  • First battle (Kurt's Scenario) "Forced to fight this... thing. Could this be the gauntlet's curse?"
  • First battle (Judy's Scenario) "And... we're off!"
  • Fight won "Yeah, keep em' coming!"
  • Death (Self) ""
  • Death (Edel) "Edel!"
  • Final battle (Kurt's Scenario) "Let's finish this once and for all!"
  • Final battle (Judy's Scenario) "Aren't the Seven Wonders the symbol of our hopes and dreams?"
  • Spring Trap: "Careful."
  • Evade Trap: "All right!"
  • Hurt by Trap: "I'll be fine."
  • Skill attempt: "Looks like I'm up."
  • Skill failure: "I messed up."
  • Skill success: "Easy as that."

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  • When one considers Platyphyllum's gender as undefined, Kurt's entire party consists of males.
  • Kurt's Gauntlet is never brought up during Judy's scenario, but it still occupies a slot in his Growth Panel.
  • Laura and Kurt are the only characters with multiple final bosses. If Kurt defeats Agares (Level 4 Gauntlet boss), he'll unlock a different final battle.