Leon Burgundy

Leon Burgundy (?), also known as Leon (?) is a character from Unlimited Saga. He is the brother of Kurt and like the rest of the Burgundy family, is a Temple Knight.





His time in the Temple's depths turns him insane, causing him to seek Kurt's Gauntlet, thinking it will grant him power. This causes Leon to instigate some of the Events in Kurt's story. (Such as the attempted assassination of his father.) If you activate the final quest after defeating Agares, (A high-level monster in the Gauntlet) Leon will be the game's semi-final boss, going insane with power and challenging Kurt atop the Arcanian Mech. If Agares has not yet been defeated and the player plays the quest, Leon will not be present, the player fighting the Mech instead. Kurt's ending, and in turn Leon's fate, is the same, regardless.



Leon burgundy

Leon riding the Archanian Mech in battle

Leon and the Mech share the exact same abilities, as such, the following description applies to both bosses.

The boss will only use three abilities during this battle: Aerial Cruiser, Field Inducer, and Plasma Shower. Aerial Cruiser and Field Inducer aren't very threatening on their own, and the boss will chain copies of these attacks throughout the battle. The two attacks will eat away at the party's HP, though armor with Life Protection will keep the party safe from any real damage.

Plasma Shower is the only attack in it's arsenal that can cause any problems, as it deals high HP damage, hits all characters on-screen, and has a moderate chance of inflicting Paralysis. Luckily, the boss uses this technique rarely. Good equipment and low character Weight make this fight manageable.


Starter: "I won't allow anyone to interfere. Not Father; And certainly not you....Brother!"

Defeat: "K-Kurt! Help! Something'!"

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  • Field Inducer has two unique animations, for reasons unknown. The alternate version has no additional effects, rendering it pointless. It may have been part of an attack that was cut out of the boss's repetoire; though one can only speculate.


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