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Sprite SF Leonard Sprite.png70x70px
Gender Male
Race Human
Age ?
Height ?
Weight ?
Class ?
Appearances [[SaGa Frontier]]
Type Playable

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Dr. Leonard B. Edison, otherwise known as Leonard (レオナルド Reonarudo?) is a playable character from SaGa Frontier. He is a man found in the restaurant at Manhattan eating a burger. He has a more prominent role in T260G's quest.





T260G's Quest

How T260G comes to learn of Leonard is from a computer in an abandoned apartment in Koorong. Leonard is revealed to be a genius scientist in the field of robotics, and offered to analyze T260G to help it discover its directive and origin upon meeting and observing them, however was unable to due to his equipment being insufficient in doing so. When T260G and Gen arrive at his lab a second time after gathering more information, they discover Leonard had died in an bomb attack by Trinity. Leonard however had foresight in the case such an incident would happen and was able to digitize a copy of his own mind into the computer at his lab and fabricate a body to house it in. He was able to locate the computer where information about T260G was kept and from there he joins the party.

Other appearances

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game

Leonard appears as an obtainable card.


  • His name "Leonard" could be referred to Leonardo da Vinci, and his last name "Edison" might be referred to Thomas Alva Edison.


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