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SaGa Scarlet Grace character
レオナルド (Reonarudo?)
SSG Leonard 2.png
Portrait IS Leonard SSG Portrait.png
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Farmer
Initial Role Cannonball
Appearances' SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions
Imperial SaGa
Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe
Voice Actor Yūma Uchida
Max Mittelman
Type Playable

Leonard (レオナルド Reonarudo?), also known as Leo (レオ Reo?), is one of the main protagonists in SaGa Scarlet Grace. Separated a far way away from the heart of the empire, Leonard is a farmer from the remote region of Yaksalt. His grandfather died, so from this year onward he must farm by himself.[1]



Leonard has large blonde hair, with a spiky bunch to his right side. He wears a black shirt, a utility belt, beige pants with black markings, and black shoes with yellow buckles.


"Your typical tough guy, Leonard is a man who prefects action to words. Those not put off by his harsh demeanor find themselves with a staunch ally through thick and thin."
—In-game description

A bad boy who prefers to act before talking, he and his troublemaker friend have caused mischief in the past. He was a dangerous boy who avoided even adults, but a few years back suddenly returned to work on his grandfather’s farm.

He has recently started saying, “I must not become an irresponsible adult.”[1]



"After Leonard helped a dying woman who collapsed on the farm, his fate significantly changes. In a delirium, she kept muttering “Go to Ei-Hanum.” It is the name of a legendary capital in a fairy tale. Upon hearing that, he sold his grandfather’s farm and went in search of the legendary capital Ei-Hanum in her place. His friends would not let him go alone with such an honest resolve."
—Website Description[1]

Leonard is approached by a young woman who appears frail and dying. She tells him to drown the Scarlet Shards in Ei-Hanum and promptly collapses. Leonard catches the young woman and brings her to the nearby clinic. Doc comments on the unusual Scarlet Shards possessed by the young woman. Leonard decides to embark upon Ei-Hanum.

Upon traversing the Secret Passage towards Marchiam Megdasse, Leonard's Scarlet Shard starts to glimmer. Upon using the shard, a shooting star falls on the northeastern part of the province. Leonard and Elisabeth exclaim disbelief at what just happened, with Elisabeth stating that it looked like a shooting star had fallen to the earth. Leonard wonders about where they are, with Elisabeth mentioning they're in Marchiam Megdasse, the province next door to Yaxart. Leonard tells her that he's never been outside of Yaxart before, much to Elisabeth's shock.

Main story

After arriving at the Northeastern Boundary, Leonard and Elisabeth approach Spirit Lake and throw in a scarlet shard. A figment of Leonard appears before them, insinuating that the Spirit Lake isn't Ei-Hanum and that Ei-Hanum is actually at the center of the world, under Azhuacan. After the other Leonard vanishes, Elisabeth and Leonard decide to look for Ei-Hanum in Azhuacan.


Base Stats

Star God None Imhokiel Astel Bartlett
Element Sturna Sturna Jutris Vencia
HP 77 87 87 67
LP 10 12 12 8
STR 13 15 13 11
SKL 7 7 5 7
MOB 9 7 9 11
DEF 13 15 13 13
INT 5 3 5 8
CON 12 12 14 12

Base stats may changed based on choices made during the beginning quiz.


Possible Endings

Urpina's Story
Leonard's Story
Taria's Story
Balmaint's Story
All Stories Leonard returned to Marchiam Yaxart and married the daughter of a local landowner before becoming one of the most powerful and influential people in the area. He remains the same as ever, however, bringing headaches and smiles to all in equal measure.

Other appearances

Imperial SaGa

Leonard appears as an obtainable character.

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe

Leonard appears on a banner.



  • Under Imhokiel's constellation, Leonard has the lowest intelligence out of all the characters in the game, at 3 points.



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